World powers must 'gain confidence' of Iranian people

World powers must still win the confidence of the Iranian people in talks on its nuclear programme, Tehran's chief negotiator said Saturday, urging "appropriate" behaviour from his negotiating counterparts.

"Now they must work to gain the confidence of the Iranian people," chief negotiator Saeed Jalili told reporters after the latest round of talks in the Kazakh city of Almaty.

He added that the world powers "must show their willingness and sincerity and show appropriate behaviour in the future."

Jalili gave a slightly more upbeat assessment of the talks than the world powers' chief negotiator, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, but appeared to indicate he was waiting for concessions from the other side.

He described the talks as "substantive, extensive and comprehensive."

But Jalili offered little hope of Iran offering concessions on the main sticking point in the talks -- Tehran's insistence on its right to enrich uranium on its soil.

"We believe that the right to enrich is an inalienable right of the Iranian people -- whether we are talking about (to a level of) five percent or 20 percent," Jalili said.

"There is some distance between the positions of the two sides," he acknowledged.