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+ US delays missile test over North Korea tensions

+ World powers, Iran 'far apart' in nuclear stalemate

+ China steps up bird flu measures as infections mount



The US delays a ballistic missile test to avoid stoking tensions with North Korea, which has warned diplomats to consider evacuating from its capital over fears of conflict erupting on the Korean peninsula.

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Iran and world powers fail to break the deadlock in the crisis over Tehran's nuclear drive, with the EU's top diplomat and chief negotiator saying the positions are still "far apart".

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China steps up its campaign to curb a deadly bird flu outbreak centred on Shanghai, disinfecting schools and shutting down trade in birds as state media criticises "intense" farming methods for helping spreading disease.

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-- AFRICA --



Nelson Mandela leaves hospital after a 10-day stay during which the anti-apartheid icon was treated for pneumonia and will now receive "high care" at home, the South African government says.

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GAO, Mali

After routing an Islamist insurgency in Mali early this year, France is making sure it also "wins the peace" in the west African state -- and the central market in the eastern city of Gao is acting as a symbol of that strategy.

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-- ASIA --


BOAO, China

Chinese President Xi Jinping says that Asia faces "new challenges" to its stability and warns no one should be allowed to throw the region into chaos as tensions mount over North Korea.

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South Koreans are not immune to the international anxiety generated by North Korea's toxic threats of nuclear war, but given that their country is the direct target of many of them, they seem remarkably unshaken.

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KANDAHAR, Afghanistan

The deaths of six NATO personnel including a female US diplomat, in the deadliest day for foreign forces in Afghanistan this year, highlights fears over the Taliban's strength ahead of the coalition's withdrawal in 2014.

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-- EUROPE --



US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Turkey for key talks set to be dominated by many of the top world crises -- Syria, the Middle East peace process and North Korea.

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Representatives of aid agences and governments from across the globe gather in Doha to endorse a development strategy for Sudan's Darfur region, after a decade of conflict that shocked the world with atrocities against civilians.

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A decade after US-led forces took control of Baghdad on April 9, 2003, sealing the ouster of Saddam Hussein's brutal regime, Iraq remains plagued by deadly attacks and never-ending political crises.

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With Americans tilting toward support of gay marriage and two GOP senators now in favor, Republicans find themselves in a tightening political vice on the issue ahead of mid-term elections and the 2016 presidential race.

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Venezuela's acting president Nicolas Maduro accuses former US officials Roger Noriega and Otto Reich of plotting to kill him to prevent his victory in next week's presidential elections.

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Two US Republican lawmakers want to know if popular American pop star Beyonce and her husband, rap singer Jay-Z, had the US government's permission to travel to Cuba despite an economic embargo.

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