Venezuela's Maduro vows to recognize election result

Venezuela's interim leader Nicolas Maduro urged opposition rival Henrique Capriles on Monday to join him in signing a pledge to recognize the results of the nation's April 14 presidential election.

Speaking at a rally in the northeastern state of Sucre, the handpicked successor of late president Hugo Chavez accused the opposition of preparing to reject the results if he wins.

"I am ready to sign a document of peace to guarantee the peace in Venezuela," Maduro told a huge crowd of supporters clad in Chavismo's trademark red colors.

In Caracas, National Electoral Council president Tibisay Lucena told reporters that a document would be ready to be signed on Tuesday.

"If the bourgeoisie wins the election, I will recognize it. But they should be ready to recognize the victory of Chavez's people on April 14," Maduro said at another campaign event earlier.

Capriles and Chavez signed a similar pledge in last year's October 7 presidential election, and the 40-year-old opposition leader called Chavez on election night to concede defeat after he lost by 11 points.

Maduro is heavily favored to win the snap election, with opinion polls giving him a double-digit lead in the race to succeed Chavez, who lost his battle with cancer on March 5 after 14 years in power.