AFP Americas News Agenda for April 10

Duty Editor: Daniel Woolls

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What's happening in the Americas on Wednesday:

+ Obama finally unveils US budget proposal

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama unveils his long-awaited budget blueprint, amid reports he will make key concessions to Republicans by offering to cut entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Picture (US-ECONOMY-POLITICS-BUDGET)


CARACAS: Monitoring campaigning in the run-up to Venezuela's presidential election, pitting acting leader Nicolas Maduro against opposition rival Henrique Capriles in the race to replace Hugo Chavez (VENEZUELA-VOTE)

FORT MEADE, Maryland: Preliminary hearings resume in the case of US Army private Bradley Manning, who stands accused of leaking classified material to the WikiLeaks website. 1300 GMT (US-MILITARY-COURT-WIKILEAKS)

MONTEVIDEO: A bill in Uruguay legalizing gay marriage goes before lower-house lawmakers, after senators approved it earlier this month. Approval would mean the measure would become law (URUGUAY-POLITICS-GAY-MARRIAGE)

NEW YORK: International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde delivers a speech on global policy actions needed to keep financial crisis at bay. 1615 GMT. Coverage on merit (FINANCE-ECONOMY-PUBLIC-DEBT-IMF)

WASHINGTON: The Federal Reserve releases the minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee's March 19-20 monetary policy meeting. 1800 GMT. Expect coverage (US-ECONOMY-BANK-RATE-MINUTES)

-- Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond speaks at the National Press Club on Scotland's upcoming independence referendum. 1400 GMT (BRITAIN-SCOTLAND-POLITICS-REFERENDUM-US)