French left slams proposal for 'Thatcher Street' in Paris

Left-wing politicians on Paris city council have slammed a proposal to name a street in the French capital after Margaret Thatcher, suggesting instead that one be named after IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands.

City councillor Jerome Dubus of the right-wing UMP party has said he will propose naming a street after Thatcher, the Conservative former British prime minister who died on Monday, at an upcoming city council meeting.

But councillor Ian Brossat, of the Communist-backed Left Front, denounced the move and said the city would do better to honour Sands, the Northern Irish prisoner who died in a 1981 hunger strike while Thatcher was in office.

"The cynicism of the Parisian right knows no bounds," Brossat said. "Jerome Dubus's proposal is a joke."

Describing Thatcher as the "apostle of British ultra-liberalism, who left an appalling legacy for the state and the working classes", Brossat said it would be better to name a street after Sands, who he said Thatcher "allowed to die of hunger with other prisoners."

Several French cities already have a Rue Bobby Sands.