Jordan seeks UN help to counter impact of Syria war

Jordan's premier said the impact of the war in neighbouring Syria is threatening the kingdom's security and that Amman will seek the United Nations Security Council's help in tackling the fallout.

"The Syrian crisis and its impact on Jordan are becoming a threat to national security," Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur told parliament in a policy statement late on Sunday, a transcript of which was released on Monday.

"Jordan will go the UN Security Council to present the situation of the Syrian refugees in the kingdom," the prime minister said.

"The world should shoulder the humanitarian and security responsibility (of the refugees) and form a clear policy to deal with the crisis."

Jordan says it is hosting around 500,000 Syrian refugees and that more people from war-torn Syria are entering Jordan daily.

"Thousands of Syrians continue to seek refuge in Jordan, creating more pressure on the country's economic, social, health, educational and environmental infrastructure," Nsur told the MPs.

"What makes things become more dangerous is that the Syrian crisis is not expected to end very soon, and therefore Jordan is likely to face more pressure in the coming months."

He insisted that Jordan is "ready to face any deterioration of the situation in Syria ... and to preserve the kingdom's security and interests," calling for a political solution to the conflict.

The UN estimates that around 385,500 Syrians have sought refuge in Jordan, including nearly a quarter of a million children. Jordan put the overall figure at around 500,000.

A UN spokeswoman has said that its agencies expect the number to surge to around 1.2 million by December -- equivalent to about one-fifth of Jordan's total population.