Togo shuts schools following protests

Togo's government on Monday temporarily shut all primary and secondary schools following student protests last week that got out of hand, a government statement said.

It said the protests caused "considerable damage to public and private property." There was no mention of when schools would re-open.

Thousands of students took to the streets last week to demand that classes re-open after teachers and health workers staged a three-day strike to demand a 100 percent pay rise.

Togo has seen waves of protests in recent months, including those led by an opposition and civil society coalition demanding sweeping political reforms and the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbe.

Gnassingbe was installed by the military in 2005 after the death of his father Gnassingbe Eyadema who ruled Togo for 38 years with an iron fist.

Legislative elections, initially scheduled for last October, have been repeatedly pushed back and a polling day has not yet been announced.