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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: Rolling coverage following two explosions at the Boston Marathon. RAW. TBA

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: Two explosions strike one of America's top sporting events Monday, killing at least three and wounding more than 100 as the Boston Marathon erupts in a maelstrom of blood, screams, smoke and panic.

- Initial aerials after the blasts - VID507612_EN

- Cell phone close-up of victims being treated on ground - VID507663_EN

- Cell phone footage of second explosion - VID407688_EN

- Images of the second blast and chaos on the ground - VID507623_EN

- Witness testimony and images of injuries - VID507637_EN

- Police chief and Massachusetts governor first statement - VID507644_EN

- Police, FBI and governor statement with updated death toll and 'potential terrorist investigation' - VID507691_EN

- Blast reminds people of September 11th: nurse. RAW. VID507703_EN

WASHINGTON: Obama says the US does not yet know who is responsible for the blasts but vows to find those accountable and punish them. RAW. VID507670_EN

WASHINGTON: Heightened security in the nation's capital following the Boston Marathon blast. RAW. VID507658_EN


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CARACAS: Follow-up of Venezuela's presidential election. RAW. TBC

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CARACAS: Reax among Hugo Chavez supporters. RAW. VID507586_EN

CARACAS: Venezuela's acting President Nicolas Maduro is formally proclaimed winner of the election to succeed late leader Hugo Chavez despite opposition demands for a recount. RAW. VID507698_EN

CARACAS: Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, who is refusing to recognise the results of Sunday's election, calls for protests. RAW. VID507649_EN

CARACAS: Supporters of Henrique Capriles burn tyres and rubbish in the street, demanding a recount. RAW. VID507693_EN


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LONDON: The coffin of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher is taken to the chapel at the Houses of Parliament on the eve of her ceremonial funeral at St Paul's Cathedral on Wednesday. RAW. 1900 GMT

LONDON: Britain prepares for the funeral for late premier Margaret Thatcher who, more than 20 years after she left power, still inspires both admiration and hatred. PKG. FILE. VID507452_EN

Filed over past 12 hours:

ARMTHORPE, UK: Ex-miners in South Yorkshire say they are "glad" Thatcher has gone, holding her responsible for a raft of pit closures some 30 years ago. REFILE. PKG. NSV - VID506182_EN / VOICED - VID506830_EN



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SEOUL: Ongoing news coverage from the Korean Peninsula. RAW. TBC

TOKYO: Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi meets Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. RAW. TBA

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SEOUL: North Korea's military threatens retaliation against the South over anti-North Korean protests. RAW. VID507347_EN (protest)

BEIJING: Hospital treating a young girl with first case of H7N9 bird flu contracted in Beijing says she is reacting well to treatment. RAW. VID507532_EN, VID507365_EN

ISLAMABAD: Former military leader Pervez Musharraf launches his electoral campaign. RAW. VID507514_EN

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's top court adjourns to Wednesday hearing into treason case against Pervez Musharraf. RAW. VID507389_EN

JAIPUR, INDIA: Video of a man being ignored as he begs for help after a road accident that killed his wife and child prompts accusations of "shameful" public apathy in India. RAW. VID507487_EN


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WASHINGTON: IMF presents its World Economic Outlook report at the outset of the annual Spring Meetings of the Fund and the World Bank. RAW. 1600 GMT

WASHINGTON: Obama meets Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahayan at the White House. RAW. TBA

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WASHINGTON: American Express CEO Kenneth I. Chenault discusses his company's performance in light of global economic trends. RAW. VID507651_EN

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Images of the Salt Lake City corporate headquarters of Myriad Genetics, the firm whose patents on two genes -- both associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer -- are being challenged before the Supreme Court. RAW. VID507685_EN

NEW YORK: An Agence France-Presse freelancer wins the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography for a stunning image of Syrian rebel fighters holed up in a sniper's nest. PHOTO. VID507678_EN

WASHINGTON: Washington's first medical marijuana dispensary is expected to open in the coming days, a stone's throw from the seat of the federal government which outlaws the use of the drug. RAW. VID507515_EN


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MOSCOW: The trial starts on Wednesday of Russian protest leader Alexei Navalny, President Vladimir Putin's top political opponent, accused of embezzlement. FILE / RAW. VID506717_EN (interview with analyst) / PKG. 1200 GMT

MARSEILLE, FRANCE: Advancer on the PIP breast implant scandal, with the trial of the company founder set to open on Thursday. PKG. 1500 GMT

ROME: Lawmakers will on Thursday begin voting for a new president to replace Giorgio Napolitano. FILE. 1200 GMT

SEVILLA, SPAIN: Start of the "Feria de Abril" festival in Sevilla when women and girls all dress up in flamenco drsses and people all travel by horse in tradition that dates back to 1847. RAW. 1900 GMT

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LONDON: Tributes pour in from world of classical music after death of British maestro Colin Davis. RAW. VID507590_EN

PARIS: Reax from ordinary French citizens to ministers' disclosure of wealth. RAW. VID507608_EN

MUNICH, GERMANY: The start of a trial of a woman accused of being part of a neo-Nazi cell blamed for 10 murders is postponed from this week until early May. FILE. VID507373_EN

SORGUES, FRANCE: France will launch one its biggest-ever trials on Wednesday as five managers from company PIP face charges of selling faulty breast implants that sparked a global health scare. Interview with a victim. RAW. VID507507_EN

PARIS: Gwyneth Paltrow outshines Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. with French skills in promo for Iron Man 3. RAW. VID507549_EN

PARIS: Auction of Charles Le Brun painting discovered in Coco Chanel's suite in the Ritz Hotel. RAW. VID507449_EN

ROME: The 'Louise Nevelson' exhibition showing sculptures by US artist Louise Nevelson opens at Rome's Sciarra Palazzo. RAW. VID507577_EN


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BAGHDAD: Monitoring after attacks kill at least 50 people across Iraq, days ahead of the country's first elections in three years. RAW. TBC

ABU DHABI: Media tour of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

CAIRO: An Egyptian court orders the release of ousted president Hosni Mubarak over the deaths of protesters but he will remain in custody over fraud charges. RAW. VID507495_EN / FILE. VID506266_EN

MRIGEB FUHUD, JORDAN: UAE Ambassador Abdullah al-Ameri and other envoys visit a new Abu Dhabi-funded Syrian refugee camp in Mrigeb Fuhud, northeast of Amman. RAW. VID507538_EN

BAGHDAD: Dozens of attacks across Iraq kill at least 50 people. RAW. VID507499_EN

JERUSALEM: Fireworks light the sky as Israelis celebrate Independence Day, marking 65 years since declaration of statehood. RAW. VID507610_EN

TUNIS: A Tunisian activist who sparked controversy by posting topless pictures of herself online in support of Arab women's rights vows to bare her breasts in protest, after being held captive by her family and beaten. RAW. VID507535_EN


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NIAMEY: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Niger before heading to Ghana for the final stop of a three-nation African tour. RAW. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:» COTONOU: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Benin, defends Iran's nuclear programme. RAW. VID507584_EN

JOHANNESBURG: Nelson Mandela is recovering well at home after being released from hospital earlier this month, his wife Graca Machel tells AFP. FILE. VID473367_EN


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CURUGUATI, PARAGUAY: Remembrance ceremony for the riots during which 11 landless farmers and 6 policemen were killed and which led to the overthrow of then-president Fernando Lugo in June 2012. RAW. TBA

MEDELLIN: There are an estimated 15,000 victims in Colombia of the PIP faulty breast implants manufactured by a French company. PKG. 2300 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:» TEGUCIGALPA: Five killed in latest violent incident in Honduras. RAW. VID507677_EN



CAIRO: Documentary on Egypt's exiled Jews restores faded memories. PKG. NSV - VID506425_EN / VOICED - VID506426_EN

DAKAR: Sen Cirk is Senegal's the first circus, which started off as a small aid group to help street children but is now soaring to new heights. PKG. NSV - VID507308_EN / VOICED - VID507308_EN

HONG KONG: Hong Kong's art community fights to preserve the last remaining works of legendary graffiti artist Tsang Tsou-choi, known as the 'King of Kowloon'. PKG. NSV - VID506307_EN / VOICED - VID506308_EN

LAGOS: Theatre has been central to some of the defining campaigns in Nigeria, including the push for independence in 1960, but it is now struggling, with artists warning of further decay unless the industry can be reformed. PKG. NSV - VID506691_EN / VOICED - VID506692_EN


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