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AFP World News Agenda


What's happening around the world Thursday:


+ Obama in Boston to honour marathon bomb victims

+ Italy holds key vote for president

BOSTON, Massachusetts: President Barack Obama travels to Boston to attend a special inter-faith service for the victims of the deadly marathon bombings, as investigators hunt for those responsible. Picture. Video. (US-ATTACKS)

ROME: Italian parliament votes from 0800 GMT on a new president who will be tasked with breaking the political impasse since elections in February failed to yield a governing majority. Picture. Video. (ITALY-POLITICS)


CARACAS: Monitoring events in Venezuela after last weekend's disputed vote to choose a successor to the late Hugo Chavez, following an outbreak of post-election violence that left seven dead. Picture. (VENEZUELA-VOTE)

GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska: Hundreds are expected at a public hearing over the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which would funnel oil from Canada's tar sands to coastal Texas. Expect coverage (US-CANADA-OIL-ENVIRONMENT-POLITICS)

N'DJAMENA: Chad hosts a regional summit amid appeals by the new regime in the Central African Republic for help to stabilise the country. South African President Jacob Zuma is to attend. (CENTRAFRICA-UNREST-CHAD-SUMMIT)

DAMASCUS: Monitoring the situation after President Bashar al-Assad's interview airs on Wednesday, as fighting rages between rebels and regime troops across the country. (SYRIA-CONFLICT-PRESIDENT)

BERLIN: The German parliament votes on a bailout package for debt-mired Cyprus, with approval expected by a clear majority. Debate begins at 0700 GMT with a speech by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, vote between 0900 and 1100 GMT. Picture. Video. (FINANCE-ECONOMY-GERMANY-CYPRUS-POLITICS)

ANNABA, Algeria: Trial of Jean-Michel Baroche, a 68-year-old Frenchman accused of rape and corrupting minors, and of seven Algerians also implicated in an alleged child prostitution ring. 0800 GMT (ALGERIA-FRANCE-TRIAL-CHILD-RAPE)

DOHA: Top Hamas officials gather for a meeting of the Islamist movement's politbureau for the first time since the re-election of Khaled Meshaal as leader for a new four-year term. (PALESTINIANS-POLITICS-HAMAS)

THE HAGUE: A judge is to hand down a verdict after the owner of a Dutch meat processing plant suspected of involvement in Europe's beef scandal went to a commercial court to try and stop the recall of 50,000 tonnes of beef by Dutch food authorities. Hearing at 1100 GMT. Picture. (NETHERLANDS-FOOD-HEALTH-COURT-RECALL)

PARIS: Organisers of the Cannes Film Festival announce at 0900 GMT the lineup for competition for the Palme d'Or at next month's festival. Picture. Video. (ENTERTAINMENT-FRANCE-FILM-FESTIVAL)