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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: Rolling news coverage following the Boston marathon bombings.

Filed over past 12 hours:


- Vigil held for 8-year old Martin Richard who was killed at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. RAW. VID508147_EN

- Vigil on the Boston Common in honor of those killed and wounded in the bombing. RAW. VID508139_EN

- FBI, police press conferences with updates on investigation and casualties: RAW. VID508102_EN, VID507934_EN, VID507937_EN

- Hospital doctors describe the injuries sustained. RAW. VID508006_EN, VID507927_EN, VID507713_EN, VID507741_EN

- Images of two hospitals treating bombing victims. RAW. VID508095_EN

- Boston sets up support center for victims. RAW. VID508071_EN

- Early morning images of the investigation and bomb sites. RAW. VID507873_EN / VID507819_EN

- NY Stock Exchange holds moment of silence for the victims. RAW. VID507880_EN

- Blast reminds people of September 11th: nurse. RAW. VID507703_EN

- US investigators hunt for clues as to who was behind the Boston Marathon bomb attack that killed three people and wounded more than 170. PKG. NSV - VID507832_EN / VOICED - VID507833_EN


- Obama slams bombings a "cowardly" act of terror, but says it is still unclear if a foreign or domestic group or individual was behind the attacks. RAW. VID507954_EN

- White House and US Capitol flags at half-mast. RAW. VID507976_EN

- White House steps up security. RAW. VID507925_EN

NEW YORK: Security is reinforced around major New York tourist attractions in the wake of the Boston attacks. RAW. VID508003_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

WASHINGTON: US authorities intercept a letter containing the deadly poison ricin which was bound for the office of Senator Roger Wicker. FILE. VID508135_EN


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IRAN: A powerful earthquake hits Iran and is felt across the region. RAW. TBC

QUETTA, PAKISTAN: Pakistani troops mobilise to help the desperately poor victims of an earthquake centred in nearby Iran that killed at least 34 people. RAW. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:

DUBAI: People are evacuated from buildings as an earthquake in Iran shakes buildings in the Gulf Emirate. RAW. VID507953_EN


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AFPTV is offering a live feed via Eutelsat 8WA of the arrival of the coffin of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher at Saint Paul's Cathedral on Wednesday where a ceremonial funeral will be held. This feed is free to all AFPTV subscribers. (See separate advisory for details)

LONDON: News coverage throughout the day from 0700 GMT onwards of the ceremonial funeral of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. RAW / PKG

DONCASTER, UK: Ex-miners are expected to hold an anti-Thatcher rally in protest at Thatcher's liberalist policies. RAW. 1800 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

LONDON: While world leaders, royalty and celebrities will gather in St. Paul's Cathedral for the Iron Lady's funeral Wednesday, many big names from the Thatcher era are not able to attend. PKG. NSV - VID507979_EN / VOICED - VID507980_EN

LONDON: Images of the Royal Hospital Chelsea where Thatcher's ashes will be interred alongside her husband Denis. RAW. VID508015_EN

LONDON: Final rehearsals got underway at St. Paul's Cathedral Tuesday ahead of the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. RAW. VID507978_EN

LONDON: Thatcher's coffin arrives at Houses of Parliament allowing lawmakers to pay their respects on the eve of the funeral ceremony. RAW. VID507921_EN


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MARSEILLE, FRANCE: Five managers of breast implant supplier PIP go on trial accused of fraud for selling faulty silicone devices to thousands of women. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

MARSEILLE, FRANCE: France launches trial as five managers from company PIP face fraud charges for allegedly selling faulty breast implants that sparked global health fears. PKG. NSV - VID507898_EN / VOICED - VID507899_EN / RAW. VID508044_EN (lawyer), VID508079_EN (lawyer for Colombian victims)

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA: There are an estimated 15,000 victims in Colombia of the PIP faulty breast implants manufactured by a French company. PKG. NSV - VID507618_EN / VOICED - VID507899_EN


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CARACAS: Monitoring following Venezuela's disputed general election. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

CURUGUATI, PARAGUAY: Paraguay's ousted president Fernando Lugo reacts to the narrow victory of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela's presidential elections. RAW. VID507890_EN

CARACAS: President-elect Nicolas Maduro visits a hospital in his first official act as President. RAW. VID508101_EN

CARACAS: Opposition politician Henrique Capriles, who is contesting the result of the April 14 election, cancels a protest and accuses the govt of trying to foment violence. RAW. VID508132_EN

CARACAS: Capriles supporters protest against the election result. RAW. VID508128_EN



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PENGHU, TAIWAN: Defence ministry holds live-fire drill simulating a Chinese invasion. RAW. TBA

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's top court resumes hearing into a treason case against former military dictator Pervez Musharraf. RAW. TBC

SHANGHAI: Monitoring as health officials give details on the latest in the H7N9 bird flu virus. RAW. TBA

WELLINGTON: New Zealand's gay community is gearing up to celebrate the legalisation of same-sex marriage. RAW. TBC

TOKYO: Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi speaks at Tokyo University. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

DENPASAR, INDONESIA: An Indonesian salvage team cuts the fuselage of a plane that crashed in Bali, as investigators probe what caused the jet to go down. RAW. VID508152_EN

CISUARA, INDONESIA: A baby Sumatran elephant peeps out timidly from between the legs of its mother at an Indonesian zoo, where its birth has given a boost to the critically endangered animal. RAW. VID507940_EN


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KIROV, RUSSIA: Russian protest leader and vocal Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny goes on trial on charges of embezzling public funds, in a case he has dismissed as politically-motivated. RAW. TBA

ISTANBUL: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meets with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu for talks on the Syria. RAW. 1600 GMT

MOSCOW: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev makes his annual address to parliament. RAW. TBA

ISTANBUL: Turkish Airlines signs a giant deal with the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus after announcing last month it would buy up to 117 planes estimated to be worth $9.3 billion. RAW. 1700 GMT

LONDON: Deadline for the government to appeal a court decision to allow radical Abu Qatada, wanted by Jordan on terror charges, to stay in Britain. FILE. 0300 GMT

ROME: As lawmakers prepare to vote on Thursday for a new president, we look back at the mandate of outgoing leader Giorgio Napolitano. PKG. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:

ALPE D'HUEZ, FRANCE: Coach carrying Britons crashes in Alps, driver dies. RAW. VID508049_EN, VID508106_EN

PARIS: Disgraced French ex-minister, who was this month charged with tax fraud, says he will be quitting parliament. RAW. VID508002_EN

CHERBOURG, FRANCE: Environmentalists protest in Cherbourg where the combustible MOX, a blend of plutonium and reprocessed uranium, is due to be transported to port ahead of its departure for Japan. RAW. VID508120_EN

LONDON: Three stencil-spray paint originals by street artist Banksy go on auction. FILE. VID506817_EN

SEVILLA, SPAIN: Start of the "Feria de Abril" festival in Sevilla when women and girls all dress up in flamenco dresses and people all travel by horse in tradition that dates back to 1847. RAW. VID508043_EN

GAIOLE, ITALY: The newly-opened 'L'Eroica' route amateur allows cyclists to follow the competition route and also discover Tuscany's landscape and heritage sites. RAW. VID507914_EN


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JOHANNESBURG: China-Africa business summit. RAW. 1800 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

DAKAR: The son of former Senegal leader Abdoulaye Wade will discover whether he is to be charged following his arrest by detectives investigating his vast fortune valued at more than $1 billion. RAW. VID507810_EN, VID507911_EN, VID508088_EN

TIMBUKTU, MALI: Humanitarian situation deteriorates in Northern Mali, according to World Food Programme. RAW. VID507986_EN


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DAMASCUS: Interview with President Bashar al-Assad on Syrian satellite television, as battles between rebels and government troops rage across the country. RAW. TBA

GAZA/RAMALLAH, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Residents of the West Bank and Gaza march as part of the annual Palestinian prisoners' day. RAW. TBA

MANAMA: Bahrain's Shiite opposition plans more protests as it seeks to make its political demands heard ahead of the Gulf country's Formula One Grand Prix. RAW. TBC

TEHRAN: Monitoring the situation after the powerful earthquake that struck near the port city of Bushehr and was felt as far away as the Gulf and South Asia. RAW. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:

ABU DHABI: The Louvre Abu Dhabi gallery unveils more than 130 artworks from the museum's first permanent collection. RAW. VID507870_EN

DUBAI: Dubai police introduce the sleek Lamborghini Aventador to its fleet in a bid to restore the Gulf emirate's trademark image of luxury and prosperity. RAW. VID508038_EN


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WASHINGTON: IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings continue. RAW. TBC

MONTREAL: The Musee Grevin inaugurates a new wax museum in Montreal. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

WASHINGTON: The IMF cuts its world growth forecast for 2013 citing eurozone drag, but predicts growth overall will pick up in the second half of the year. RAW. VID508024_EN


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CARACAS: Monitoring following Venezuela's disputed general election. RAW. TBA

ASUNCION: Paraguay holds presidential elections Sunday. STOCKSHOTS. 2300 GMT / RAW. TBA


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BUON MA THUOT, VIETNAM: Most Vietnamese coffee farmers have never heard of a double tall skinny latte, but they could tell you the price of the beans that go into one in their sleep. PKG. 0600 GMT


CAIRO: The legacy of Egypt's Jewish community features in the Egyptian-directed documentary, "Jews in Egypt," which brought a melange of artists, activists and journalists to screenings at an upscale Cairo cinema. PKG. NSV - VID506425_EN / VOICED - VID506426_EN

DAKAR: SenCirk is Senegal's the first circus, which started off as a small aid group to help street children but is now soaring to new heights. PKG. NSV - VID507308_EN / VOICED - VID507308_EN


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