Revenge, not plot, behind murder of US prosecutors

The slaying of two Texas prosecutors appears to motivated by revenge as opposed to a wider anti-government plot after a disgruntled former employee's wife was charged in the murders Wednesday.

Officials had been concerned that a white supremacist group was behind the brazen slayings in a small town outside Dallas.

Kaufman County assistant district attorney Mark Hasse, 57, had reportedly been investigating the Aryan Brotherhood when he was gunned down just outside the courthouse in January.

Then the county's district attorney, Mike McLelland, was found shot dead with his wife on March 30 -- just days after a white supremacist believed to have been behind the murder of Colorado's prison chief was killed in a standoff in north Texas.

An investigation into a e-mail threatening more attacks led to Eric Williams, 46, a former justice of the peace who lost his job and his law license after he was convicted of theft.

Williams was arrested Saturday and charged with making a "terroristic threat," the Kaufman county sheriff's department said in charging papers.

His wife, Kim Williams, "confessed to her involvement to the scheme and course of conduct in the shooting deaths of Mark Hasse, Michael McLelland and Cynthia McLelland," on Tuesday, an arrest warrant said.

She told the sheriff's department that her husband pulled the trigger.