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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: Rolling news coverage following the Boston marathon bombings.

- Boston is a city trying to grieve for its victims without knowing who is to blame for its grief. PKG. 0400 GMT

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- FBI stills of evidence recovered from explosive device and apparent bag. PHOTOS. VID508400_EN

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- Vigil in Dorchester suburb held for 8-year-old Martin Richard who was killed at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. RAW. VID508147_EN

- Vigil on the Boston Common in honor of those killed and wounded in the bombing. RAW. VID508139_EN

- Makeshift memorial of flowers and US flags builds next to site of attack. RAW. VID508154_EN


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WASHINGTON: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirms suspicious letter sent to Obama. RAW. VID508488_EN

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WASHINGTON: US authorities intercept a letter containing the deadly poison ricin which was bound for the office of Senator Roger Wicker. FILE. VID508135_EN


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MARSEILLE, FRANCE: France launches one of its biggest-ever trials as five managers from company PIP face fraud charges for allegedly selling faulty breast implants. RAW. VID508452_EN, VID508397_EN, VID508257_EN

- PIP founder arrives at court. RAW. VID508223_EN

- Opening day of French implants trial ends. RAW. VID508452_EN


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LONDON: Front pages of British newspapers on Thatcher's funeral. RAW. 0900 GMT

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LONDON: Thousands of well-wishers applaud Margaret Thatcher's coffin as it passes through the streets of London for a funeral filled with pomp and splendour for Britain's polarising former prime minister. PKG. NSV - VID508425_EN / VOICED - VID508426_EN

- Journey of hearse/gun carriage to St. Paul's Cathedral. RAW. VID508262_EN (Westminster) VID508241_EN (Trafalgar Square) VID508251_EN (St. Clement's Church) VID508219_EN / VID508376_EN / VID508349_EN (St. Paul's Cathedral)

- Coffin leaves St. Paul's Cathedral. RAW. VID508319_EN

- Guests arrive at St. Paul's. RAW. VID508221_EN / VID508299_EN / VID508381_EN / VID508385_EN

- Guests leave St. Paul's after ceremony. RAW. VID508390_EN / VID508343_EN

- People outside St. Paul's praise Thatcher's leadership and economic policies. RAW. VID508184_EN

- Protesters turn their backs on funeral procession. RAW. VID508267_EN

- Pro- and anti-Thatcher Britons line the route of the funeral procession. RAW. VID508235_EN / VID508309_EN

- PM David Cameron says "Thatcher was there when our country needed her most". RAW. VID508233_EN

- Thatcher's official driver for 14 years says she would have been "overwhelmed" by the number of people attending her funeral. RAW. VID508355_EN

- People start to gather at St. Paul's Cathedral. RAW. VID508170_EN

GOLDTHORPE, UK: Ex-miners, who blame Margaret Thatcher for the pit closures, celebrate on the day of her funeral and burn a mock coffin and effigy of Thatcher. RAW. VID508339_EN / VID508455_EN / VID508480_EN


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DAMASCUS: President Bashar al-Assad warns the West that it will pay a heavy price for its alleged support of Al-Qaeda in Syria in an interview with state television. RAW. VID508549_EN, VID508516_EN

ISTANBUL: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meets with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu for talks on the Syria. RAW. VID508203_EN, VID508208_EN, VID508278_EN (images), VID508368_EN (presser)



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MASHKAIL, PAKISTAN: Follow-up of Pakistani victims of the earthquake in Iran. RAW. TBC

TOKYO: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets visiting Myanmar opposition party leader Aung San Suu Kyi. RAW. TBC

SHANGHAI: Poultry sellers in Shanghai complain of massive reductions in business and many people worried by the bird flu outbreak have resorted to taking preventative herbal remedies. PKG. TBA

BALI: Frenchman stands trial in Bali for smuggling 70 grams of marijuana in his stomach, a crime that could result in the death penalty. RAW. TBC

SUKKUR, PASKISTAN: Stereotyped as dancers, beggars and prostitutes, Pakistan's vibrant but shunned transgender community is striking out into politics with individuals contesting elections for the first time. RAW. 0500 GMT

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has his bail extended over allegations that he conspired to murder opposition leader Benazir Bhutto RAW. VID508429_EN

WELLINGTON: New Zealand became the first Asia-Pacific country to legalise same-sex marriage. RAW. VID508432_EN


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ROME: Lawmakers begin voting on a new president. RAW. TBA

BERLIN: The German parliament votes on a bailout package for debt-mired Cyprus, with approval expected by a clear majority. RAW. 1200 GMT

PARIS: Official selection for the year's Cannes Film Festival is unveiled. RAW. 1400 GMT

WARSAW: Poland begins two days of events to mark the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. RAW. 1800 GMT

MARSEILLE, FRANCE: Second day of PIP faulty breast implants trial. RAW. TBA

PARIS: A major retrospective of works by graffiti and visual artist Keith Haring opens later this week. RAW. 1600 GMT

PARIS: The famed Crillon hotel sells off thousands of items ahead of a major makeover. FILE. 0200 GMT. RAW. 1700 GMT

LONDON: Red carpet for premiere of Iron Man 3 with Robert Downey Jr. RAW. 2100 GMT

LONDON: Madame Tussauds unveil a wax work of English Irish boys band One Direction. RAW. 1400 GMT

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ROME: As lawmakers prepare to vote for a new president, we look back at the mandate of outgoing leader Giorgio Napolitano. PKG. NSV - VID508431_EN / VOICED - VID508433_EN

ROME: The process of electing Italy's new president begins. FILE. VID508552_EN, VID508532_EN (candidates)

ISTANBUL: Flag-carrier Turkish Airlines signs a gigantic deal for up to 117 planes with European manufacturer Airbus in a deal worth up to $9.3 billion. RAW. VID508505_EN / STOCKSHOTS. VID482610_EN

PARIS: French FM Pierre Moscovici denies knowing about Cahuzac's secret bank account. RAW. VID508524_EN, VID508451_EN

CHERBOURG, FRANCE: A shipment of controversial MOX fuel containing plutonium sets sail from France bound for Japan. RAW. VID508465_EN (ship) VID508206_EN (loading container) VID508189_EN (convoy + protest) VID508465_EN (vessel departs)

WARSAW: Institute of National Remembrance displays one of three original copies of a report German WWII commander Juergen Stroop wrote after crushing the Warsaw ghetto uprising 70 years ago. RAW. VID508330_EN

PARIS: An exhibition of works by art deco icon Tamara de Lempicka opens at Paris' Pinacotheque. RAW. VID508396_EN

PARIS: The mythical Parisian art-deco cinema Louxor reopens after 25 years. RAW. VID508428_EN


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MONTREAL: Musee Grevin inaugurates a new wax museum in Montreal. RAW. TBA

GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA: Environmentalists opposed to the controversial Keystone project hold a candlelight vigil the night before a public hearing over the pipeline's construction. RAW. TBA

GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA: A rare public hearing on the controversial Keystone pipeline project is expected to draw huge crowds of pro- and anti- activists. RAW. TBA

WASHINGTON: World Bank chief Jim Kim and the IMF's Christine Lagarde hold separate briefings during the annual Spring Meetings of their twin organisations. RAW. 1730 GMT

NEW YORK: Time Magazine publishes its annual list of the world's 100 most influential people. RAW. FILE

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WASHINGTON: The US Senate rejects bipartisan legislation that would have expanded background checks for firearm sales. RAW. VID508557_EN (Obama reax) / VID508540 (images of the Senate vote)

WASHINGTON: Kerry says US won't recognize Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela's new president yet. RAW. VID508512_EN

WASHINGTON: Mothers pushing strollers made their way to Congress Wednesday to demand action from elected officials on gun control legislation. RAW. VID508530_EN


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HARARE: President Mugabe leads Zimbabwe's Independence Day celebrations as the country prepares for its first presidential elections. RAW. 1800 GMT

ANTANANARIVO: Former president Didier Ratsiraka returns to Madagascar after 11 years of exile in France. RAW. TBA

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DAKAR: Lawyers for the son of former Senegal leader Abdoulaye Wade say the corruption case against Karim should be closed after the prosecution broke the law. RAW. VID508477_EN


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TEHRAN: Iran marks national army day with a military parade in the capital and a speech by President Ahmadinejad. RAW. TBC

MANAMA: Shiite opposition plans more protests as it tries to make its political demands heard a day before the Formula One Grand Prix gets underway. RAW. TBC


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CARACAS: Monitoring events in Venezuela following presidential election. RAW. TBC

ASUNCION: Liberals hold final campaign rally ahead of Paraguay's presidential election on Sunday. RAW. TBA

SANTA ROSA DEL MONDAY, PARAGUAY: They're known as 'Bresziguayans', Brazilians who emigrated to neighbouring Paraguay. They now make up 10% of the population but control 80% of commercial agricultural land. PKG. 0400 GMT

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LOS TEQUES, VENEZUELA: Pro-Maduro supporters rally in front of Miranda state capital where opposition leader Henrique Capriles is governor. RAW. VID508561_EN

ASUNCION: Paraguay holds presidential elections Sunday. STOCKSHOTS. VID507894_EN, FILE of the country's June 2012 political crisis VID507794_EN

BOGOTA: Both pro and anti-same sex marriage protesters rally as Senate starts gay marriage debate. RAW. VID508568_EN


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CZESTOCHOWA, POLAND: A Polish businessman was so struck by his meeting with the late pope John Paul II in the 1970s that he has built the world tallest statue of the former pontiff. PKG. 1800 GMT


BUON MA THUOT, VIETNAM: Most Vietnamese coffee farmers have never heard of a double tall skinny latte, but they could tell you the price of the beans that go into one in their sleep. PKG. NSV - VID507803_EN / VOICED - VID507804_EN


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