Obama to attend Texas blast memorial

US President Barack Obama will attend a memorial service in Waco on Thursday for 14 people killed in a huge blast at a Texas fertilizer plant last week.

Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will take part in the event at Baylor University after they attend a dedication ceremony for ex-president George W. Bush's new library in Dallas, the White House said.

Around 200 people were injured in Wednesday's blast in West, a small town of 2,800 people located 80 miles (130 kilometers) south of Dallas.

Homes near the blast site were flattened, a 50-unit apartment complex was blown to bits and a nursing home and several schools were also badly damaged as fire spread from building to building.

Obama told Texans late Friday they were not forgotten, despite media coverage dominated by fallout the Boston marathon bombings and the manhunt for two suspects, one of whom was killed while the other was captured.