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PARIS: Further reaction to the adoption of a same-sex marriage law by French parliament. RAW. TBA

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PARIS: Protesters clash with police on the streets of Paris after the French parliament adopts a landmark gay marriage law. RAW. VID510612_EN (protests) / VID510602 (anti-gay marriage rally)

MARSEILLE, FRANCE. Marseille demonstrators cheer gay marriage law. RAW. VID510574_EN

PARIS: French deputies in favour of same-sex marriage say they are 'proud' that parliament adopted a new law authorising gay couples to tie the knot. RAW. VID510563_EN

PARIS: French parliament approves a bill that makes France the 14th country legalising same-sex marriages. RAW. VID510458_EN (proclamation of results) / VID510454_EN (justice minister) / VID510455_EN (politicians react) / VID510502_EN (opponents file challenge to decision) / VID510515_EN (gay rights campaigners) / VID510532_EN


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MONTREAL: Monitoring case of what police say was an Al-Qaeda-backed plot to derail a Canadian passenger train. RAW. TBC

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MONTREAL: First court appearance of the two foreign national suspects. RAW. VID510564_EN


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BOSTON: News developments following the Boston marathon bombings and capture of suspect. RAW. TBA

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STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS: Funeral of slain MIT police officer. RAW. VID510546_EN



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LUSHAN, CHINA: Monitoring aftermath of earthquake. RAW. TBC

BEIJING/TOKYO: Monitoring China-Japan tensions. RAW. TBC

BEIJING: Media briefing on the H7N9 virus. RAW. 0600 GMT

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SYDNEY: The new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is launched with a spectacular show at the Sydney Opera House. RAW. VID510370_EN

NEW DELHI: The rape of a five-year-old girl in New Delhi triggers renewed outrage over sexual crimes. PKG. NSV - VID510388_EN / VOICED - VID510389_EN


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BAGHDAD: Monitoring of the situation in Iraq after protest-related violence killed dozens on Tuesday. RAW. TBA

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ALEPPO, SYRIA: Aleppo's ancient Umayyad mosque - which slid back into rebel control for a third time after prolonged clashes - offers a chilling window into the intractability of the Syrian war. RAW. VID508199_EN

TRIPOLI: French FM Laurent Fabius in Libya condemns a car bombing that devastated the French embassy in Tripoli. RAW. VID510530_EN (images of the visit) / VID510505_EN (presser of Laurent Fabius)

CAIRO: Dozens of Palestinians who fled the conflict in Syria demonstrate outside the Palestinian embassy in Cairo. RAW. VID510457_EN

KIRKUK, IRAQ: Deadly fighting hits northern Iraq. A hospital in Kirkuk deals with the wounded. RAW. VID510438_EN


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ROME: Newly re-elected Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is expected to announce his choice of prime minister, ending a two-month deadlock on forming a new government. RAW. TBA

KIROV, RUSSIA: Russian court resumes trial of protest leader Alexei Navalny, President Vladimir Putin's top political opponent, accused of embezzlement. RAW. TBA

TUNCELI, TURKEY: Armenians commemorate the massacres and deportations of 1915 for the first time. RAW. TBA

PARIS: The French government is to approve a series of measures designed to clean up politics after a tax fraud affair involving a former minister. RAW. 1300 GMT

MARSEILLE, FRANCE: The victims of faulty breast implants are heard in the trial against French manufacturer PIP. RAW. 1300 GMT

FLORANGE, FRANCE: French company ArcelorMittal's blast furnace site is being shut down over two days. RAW. 1500 GMT

PARIS: Workers demonstrate at French automaker PSA. RAW. 1200 GMT

PARIS: British Jazz singer and pianist Anthony Strong is the new darling of audiences in Paris where he is releasing his new album. RAW. 1400 GMT

BASEL, SWITZERLAND: Press day ahead of the world's biggest watch fair Baselworld, which this year will host 1,460 exhibitors. RAW. 1300 GMT

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ROME: Italian President Giorgio Napolitano holds talks to form government. RAW. VID510343_EN / VID510590_EN

TUNCELI, TURKEY: The Tunceli region of eastern Turkey witnessed numerous massacres and deportations of Armenians in 1915. On Wednesday the events will be commemorated for the first time in the hope of encouraging more Armenians to take pride in their identity. PKG. NSV - VID510469_EN / VOICED - VID510470_EN

BRUSSELS: Syria and North Korea are main talking points at NATO meeting. RAW. VID510451_EN (Rasmussen) / VID510518_EN (Kerry press conference)

MOSCOW: File footage of protest leader Alexei Navalny. FILE. VID509041_EN

LONDON: Fresh setback for Britain in battle to deport radical preacher Abu Qatada. FILE. VID493240_EN

LONDON: The only authorised biography of former British PM Margaret Thatcher is published. RAW. VID510356_EN / RAW. VID510492_EN (interview with author)


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JOHANNESBURG: Brother of Oscar Pistorius appears in court over a motorcyclist's death in a road accident in 2008. FILE. 1000 GMT

ABIDJAN: Ivory Coast awaits the results of local elections held on Sunday. The party of former president Laurent Gbagbo, who boycotted the vote, gives a news conference. RAW. 1600 GMT

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DAKAR: At least 2,500 people demonstrate to demand the release of Karim Wade, the son and former minister of Senegal's ex-president Abdoulaye Wade. RAW. VID510601_EN


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WASHINGTON: Boeing releases quarterly results. FILE. 0500 GMT

LOS ANGELES: AFP speaks with author Salman Rushdie ahead of the US release of "Midnight's Children", the feature film based on his award-winning book. RAW. 2200 GMT

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WASHINGTON: Obama meets with Qatari emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani as tensions in Syria soar. RAW VID510603_EN


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BUENOS AIRES: On April 30th, Prince Willem of Orange will become King of the Netherlands and Maxima Queen - a source of pride in Argentina. RAW. 1500 GMT

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BOGOTA: Protestors for and against same-sex marriage rally in the Colombian capital. RAW. VID510582_EN

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DORTMUND, GERMANY: Borussia Dortmund take on Real Madrid in the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League. RAW. TBC

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BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL: Ronaldinho and his team train before a friendly game against Chili, a key match for coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. RAW. VID510620_EN

SAN FRANCISCO: America's Cup defenders Oracle Team USA christen and inaugurate their new AC72 racing yacht in San Francisco Bay. RAW. VID510616_EN

DORTMUND, GERMANY: Pre-match training and press conference ahead of Wednesday's Champions League semi-final between Dortmund and Real Madrid. RAW. VID510473_EN (press conference) / VID510569_EN (training)



SHTULA, ISRAEL: The Israeli army says the number of Bedouins in active service is 1,655 -- a tiny fraction of the 176,500 troops who make up the entire corpus of the active military. However, the minority group dominates the small, elite tracker units guarding Israel's northern and southern borders. PKG. NSV - VID510297_EN / VOICED - VID510298_EN


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