North Korea leader oversees military parade

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw a military parade marking the anniversary Thursday of the founding of the country's army as military tensions remain high on the Korean peninsula.

Kim attended a ceremony at which soldiers marched on the plaza outside the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, containing the embalmed bodies of the country's two late leaders, according to the North's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Kim "saluted the columns marching past the tribune of honour", it said.

The march came as the Korean peninsula remains in a state of heightened military tension after the North carried out its third nuclear test in February.

Incensed by fresh UN sanctions and joint South Korea-US military exercises, Pyongyang has spent weeks issuing blistering threats of missile strikes and nuclear war.

To coincide with the military parade, "(North Korea's) inter-continental ballistic missiles have already set the dens of the brigandish US imperialists as their first target", Strategic Rocket Force Commander Kim Rak-Gyom said in his speech quoted by KCNA.

"If the US imperialists and their followers dare make a preemptive attack, they will be made to keenly realise what a real nuclear war and real retaliatory blows are like and their stooges be made to feel the taste of horrible nuclear holocaust," he said.

Air and Anti-air Force Commander Ri Pyong-Chol said that the men of his force were waiting for "a final attack order to put an end to the enemies".

"The flying corps... once given a sortie order, will load nuclear bombs, instead of fuel for return, and storm enemy strongholds to blow them up", he said.