US probe into dud Afghanistan army base incinerators

US army authorities at a base in Afghanistan spent $5.4 million on trash incinerators that ended up being useless, a military investigator reported.

The two hulking devices were accepted by US Army officials at the base in eastern Khost province even though they were not completely finished, and ultimately could not be used as many hours as needed each day because of concerns over attacks by the Taliban, the official said.

The American authorities at the base had signed a contract in June 10 with a Turkish company to supply the incinerators.

In the end, the machines fell into a state of disrepair and officials at the based called FOB Salerno decided not to use them at all, and instead burn trash in open-air pits as they had been doing in the first place, said Special Inspector General John F. Sopko. The base hosts 4,000 US troops.

"These incinerators didn't burn trash-but they did burn up taxpayer money. Worse, using open-air burn pits in their place puts the health of our troops at risk," Sopko said.