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Golf: Japan's Jumbo Ozaki 'shoots' his age at 66


Japan's 66-year-old Masashi "Jumbo" Ozaki has shot a nine-under-par 62 to put another feather in his cap as he became the first to finish a round with strokes less than his age on the regular domestic tour.

"Shooting my age is not something I try to do, although I want to be able to do something like shoot a 66," Ozaki said after taking the first-round lead at 62 in the Tsuruya Open on Thursday in Kawanishi.

"But if you can't shoot 6-under or 7-under par when you play good golf, you don't belong on the tour," he told reporters, according to Kyodo News, completing the round with one eagle, nine birdies against two bogeys.

Isao Aoki, Teruo Sugiyara and Torakichi Nakamura have recorded the "age shoot" on the senior tour.

Ozaki is part of an extraordinarily successful golf family, as younger brothers Naomichi (Joe) and Tateo (Jet) are both among the JGTO's top 20 all-time money winners.

Ozaki has become the top money earner for a record of 12 times and won 94 titles, more than 40 more than the second highest tally. He was chosen to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2010 and was inducted in May 2011.