Wave of Iraq violence kills over 200

Attacks on Friday pushed the death toll from four days of bloody violence in Iraq to more than 200, officials said.

The unrest has also wounded more than 300 people.

The trouble began on Tuesday when security forces moved in against anti-government protesters near the Sunni Arab northern town of Hawijah, sparking clashes that left 53 people dead.

A wave of subsequent unrest, much but not all of it apparently linked to the Hawijah clashes, killed dozens more people and by Thursday 182 people had been killed and 292 wounded.

The protest-related violence is the deadliest so far linked to demonstrations that broke out in Sunni areas of the Shiite-majority country more than four months ago.

The protesters have called for the resignation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a Shiite, and railed against authorities for allegedly targeting their community.