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DHAKA/HONG KONG/PHNOM PENH/JAKARTA/COLOMBO/ATHENS/MADRID/PARIS/NEW YORK: Full coverage of worldwide May Day protests, as Greece's two main unions hold a general strike over continued austerity and workers in Dhaka rally a week after a factory collapse killed at least 388 people. RAW. TBA


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DHAKA: May Day protests in Dhaka. RAW. TBA

SAVAR, BANGLADESH: The latest developments on the Bangladesh factory collapse. PKG. 0700 GMT

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SAVAR, BANGLADESH: Rescue operations continue and garment workers rally. RAW. VID512473_EN

DHAKA: The owner of a garment factory complex in Bangladesh which collapsed arrives at the High Court along with four employees. RAW. VID512473_EN

LONDON: Clothing retailer Primark says it will compensate victims of the collapse of a Bangladeshi supplier's textile factory. RAW. VID512503_EN


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WASHINGTON: President Obama says he will try again to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. He also warns against a rush to judgment on Syria's use of chemical arms. RAW. VID512552_EN

LONDON: Amnesty International welcomes Obama's vow to try to close Guantanamo Bay. RAW. VID512556_EN


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WASHINGTON: The Fed ends its two-day policy meeting and is expected to keep interest rates at zero to 0.25 percent and continue quantitative easing. FILE. 0500 GMT


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AMSTERDAM: The Netherlands' Willem-Alexander becomes Europe's youngest monarch.

- Enthronement ceremony. RAW. VID512427_EN, VID512441_EN, VID512417_EN, VID512472_EN, VID512512_EN

- Royal family waving to crowds from a royal boat. RAW.VID512636_EN

- Boat celebrations packed with orange-clad Dutch partygoers. RAW. VID512582_EN

- People watching ceremony on big screens. RAW. VID512532_EN

- A gay district of Amsterdam celebrates the coronation. RAW. VID512647_EN

- Party atmosphere and fancy dress in Amsterdam. RAW. VID512386_EN

- Willem-Alexander with wife and mother on balcony. RAW. VID512354_EN, VID512354_EN

- Vox pops of crowd in Amsterdam. RAW. VID512331_EN

- Images of crowd by palace in Amsterdam. RAW. VID512325_EN

- Preparations ahead of the enthronement. RAW. VID511959_EN (Dutch royal museum boosts collection), VID512125_EN (preparations), VID511405_EN (souvenirs)

- File photos of Dutch prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Maxima. PHOTOS. VID511498_EN

- Profile of Willem-Alexander and Maxima. PKG. NSV - VID511908_EN / VOICED - VID511909_EN

BUENOS AIRES: Argentines react with indifference to their compatriot Princess Maxima of the Netherlands as her husband in crowned. RAW. VID512650_EN



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LANGERKHEL, PAKISTAN: As Pakistan's two main parties slug it out at the national level in the general election campaign, in one district of the northwest, they are united in brotherly harmony. PKG. TBA


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MOSCOW: Le Corbusier's "The Poem of the Right Angle," a series of 19 paintings with writings from the famous modern architect, goes on show in Moscow. RAW. 1500 GMT

AMSTERDAM: The Van Gogh Museum reopens its doors. RAW. 1300 GMT

LONDON: Could you live off £1 a day? Around 20,000 people are trying to do so for five days to raise money for charity. RAW. 1200 GMT

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BERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells Italy's new PM that she sees no contradiction between budgetary discipline and the goal of economic growth. RAW. VID512451_EN

NICOSIA: Angry Cypriot MPs debate a controversial 10-billion-euro EU-IMF bailout deal, with the government warning its rejection would be "catastrophic". RAW. VID512426_EN

NANTES, FRANCE: The families of a young French couple who went missing in Bolivia in 2010 begin the long journey to South America, where the trial of the couple's accused killers is due to open. RAW. VID512612_EN


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BEIRUT: The chief of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, says Syria's friends will not let the embattled regime of President Bashar al-Assad fall. RAW. VID512633_EN

RAMALLAH: A PLO leader says a proposal endorsing the idea of mutually-agreed land swaps between Israel and the Palestinians fails to address the "heart of the problem". RAW. VID512439_EN

TRIPOLI: Hundreds demonstrate outside Libya's General National Congress in support of a bill calling for the expulsion of former regime employees. RAW. VID512577_EN


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KINSHASA: Inquiry opens into the assassination of human rights activist Floribert Chebeya, murdered in 2010. RAW. VID512585_EN


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SANFORD, FLORIDA: George Zimmerman appears at court hearing on the murder of Trayvon Martin. RAW. VID512490_EN

WASHINGTON: The memoirs of Amanda Knox, the former American exchange student first acquitted, and recently re-indicted, over the death of a fellow student in Italy, are published. RAW. VID512530_EN / FILE. VID502093-EN


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MEXICO CITY: Obama is visiting Mexico and Central America this week, where migration will be one of the topics discussed. Analyst. RAW. VID512568_EN

MEXICO CITY: Interview with Carlos Lopez Portillo, director of MATT (Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together). RAW. VID512568_EN

Ahead of Obama's visit to Mexico AFPTV have refiled the following:

ON US NAVY BOAT: The routes used by drug traffickers are constantly evolving. These days, most cocaine travels from Colombia and Ecuador to the United States over land through Central America, making part of its long journey by boat, in the Pacific. PKG. NSV - VID502043_EN / VOICED - VID502044_EN / STOCKSHOTS. VID512638_EN

TENOSIQUE, MEXICO: The trafficking of Central American migrants north through Mexico in search of the American Dream has become a lucrative trade -- but one priest in southern Mexico has decided to put his life on the line to protect the migrants. PKG. NSV - VID504864_EN / VOICED - VID504858_EN

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BARCELONA: Post-match reax after the second leg of the Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Bayern Munich. RAW. TBA

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BARCELONA: Bayern Munich are anticipating Barcelona's bid to overturn their 4-0 deficit, ahead of Wednesday's showdown. RAW. VID512548_EN (Bayern Munich soundbites), VID512573_EN (Barcelona soundbites)

MADRID: Jose Mourinho has hinted that he could be set for a return to England after seeing his Real Madrid side go out of the Champions League at the semi-final stage, against Borussia Dortmund.

- Post-game press briefings by Mourinho and Dortmund's Klopp. RAW. VID512667_EN

- Comment from Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan. RAW. VID512676_EN

PARIS: Professional football in France is riven with homophobia, especially among young players going through training, according to a new study. RAW. VID512527_EN

PARIS: The final touches are being made to the Roland-Garros men's final trophy ahead of the competition which kicks off on May 21. RAW. VID512595_EN, VID512642_EN


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BEIRUT: Syrian refugees in Lebanon are using art to convey the meaning of their revolution. Aleppo native Abdelkarim Hamdam shot to fame thanks to a poem he sang on the stage of "Arab Idol" about his war-ravaged city. PKG. TBA

GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA: The Keystone pipeline project which would deliver heavy crude from Canada's controversial "tar sands" down to refineries on the US Gulf coast faces stiff opposition from those who say it could ruin their land, along with their way of life. PKG. 2200 GMT


FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA: It's a ladies' get-together with a difference: these women are firing handguns at human-shaped targets. The Pistol Packing Ladies are just one of thousands of American groups who enjoy their weapons and want to keep gun control at a minimum. PKG. NSV - VID510476_EN / VOICED - VID510477_EN

ABIDJAN: For the first time Ivorian strongmen are being recognised as the athletes they are, going head to head in a competition to find the country's strongest man. PKG. NSV - VID512484_EN / VOICED - VID512483_EN


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