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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: US police announce the arrest of three more suspects as part of their investigation into the Boston marathon attacks. RAW. VID512901_EN, VID512959_EN


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LAHORE, PAKISTAN: An Indian national on death row in Pakistan, who was sentenced 16 years ago over a string of deadly bombings, dies from his injuries. PHOTO. VID512988_EN


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NEW YORK: Immigration rights activists, Occupy Wall Street protesters and other left-wing causes join global May Day protests. RAW. 0400 GMT

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CARACAS: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Henrique Capriles leads rival May Day rallies. RAW. VID512979_EN, VID512957_EN

HAVANA: About half a million people across Cuba take part in May Day celebrations dedicated to the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. RAW. VID512947_EN

KIEV: Supporters of ultra-left and anarchist parties stage a rally marking May Day. RAW. VID512928_EN

MANILA: Labour union members and activists burn an effigy of Philippine President Benigno Aquino and US Uncle Sam during a May Day rally. RAW. VID512895_EN

COLOMBO: Dozens of labour day rallies take place in the Sri Lankan capital with the focus on sharp increases in electricity and high living costs. RAW. VID512804_EN, VID512925_EN

SINGAPORE: About 3,000 people gather in Singapore for a large protest urging the government to curb immigration. RAW. VID512803_EN

JAKARTA: Around 55,000 workers gather in Jakarta for the biggest May Day rally in the Indonesian capital in recent years. RAW. VID512751_EN

BAGHDAD: Hundreds of Iraqis take part in rallies across Baghdad to mark May Day including supporters of the Communist Party. RAW. VID512747_EN

MADRID: Tens of thousands of people demonstrate against government austerity measures in central Madrid. RAW. VID512760_EN, VID512812_EN

PHNOM PENH: Angry Cambodian garment workers demand minimum wage increase. RAW. VID512700_EN

PARIS: French far right party Front National president Marine Le Pen takes part in the party's annual march in Paris. RAW. VID512746_EN, VID512807_EN

HONG KONG: Unions say 5,000 people march on the headquarters of Asia's richest man, Li Ka-shing, in support of striking dock workers. RAW. VID512721_EN

ATHENS: A strike in Greece stops ferry services and disrupts public transport in Athens as workers march against austerity. RAW. VID512708_EN, VID512778_EN

ISTANBUL: Turkish riot police used water cannon and tear gas in a bid to disperse hundreds of protesters who defied a Labour Day ban on demonstrations in a central part of Istanbul. RAW. VID512706_EN



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DHAKA: Bangladesh rescuers say Wednesday at least 550 people likely died in the collapse of a garment factory complex last week. RAW. TBC

ISLAMABAD: Interview with Nawaz Sharif, who is confident of winning a historic third term at Pakistan's general election. RAW. 0400 GMT

TOKYO: For Japan's neighbours the leafy Yasukuni shrine is a reminder of Tokyo's imperialist past and wartime aggression, but for many ordinary Japanese it is merely a place to worship ancestors who died fighting for their country. PKG. TBA

HONG KONG: A 16.5m high Rubber Duck continues its world tour and sails into Hong Kong's harbour. RAW. TBA

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DHAKA: Hundreds of people gather in a Dhaka graveyard to attend the funerals of workers killed in last week's garment factory collapse. RAW. VID512875_EN

NEW DELHI: The UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women gives a press conference at the end of her visit to India. RAW. VID512844_EN


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BRUSSELS: European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso meets new Italian PM Enrico Letta. RAW. 1000 GMT

BRUSSELS: EU Commission on Friday releases the spring 2013 European economic forecast. STOCKSHOTS. 0700 GMT

BRATISLAVA: ECB monetary policy meeting. RAW. TBC

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PARIS: Hollande meets new Italian leader Enrico Letta. RAW. VID512824_EN, VID512885_EN

LONDON: The president of the United Arab Emirates holds talks with Prime Minister David Cameron. RAW. VID512871_EN, VID512940_EN

GIRONA, SPAIN: Restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Girona is named 'best in the world' at a London awards ceremony. RAW. VID512878_EN

LONDON: Flashmob protests against badger cull. RAW. VID512868_EN


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BAGA, NIGERIA: Residents of the Nigerian fishing town of Baga talk nearly two weeks after fierce fighting between troops and Islamist insurgents that left almost 200 people dead. RAW. VID512737_EN, VID512907_EN

MOGADISHU: As the security situation in Somalia improves, doctors at Mogadishu's most famous war hospital must relearn how to treat everyday health problems often ignored during the past two decades of conflict. PKG. NSV - VID512393_EN / VOICED - VID512394_EN


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ABU DHABI: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the United Arab Emirates. RAW. 1600 GMT

TUNIS: Verdict expected in the trial of university dean Habib Kazdaghli, who is accused of attacking a veiled female student. RAW. TBA


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WASHINGTON: John Kerry meets with Israel's justice minister, Tzipi Livni. RAW. 1700 GMT

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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA: IBM unveils what it calls "the world's smallest movie," which tracks the movement of atoms magnified 100 million times. RAW. VID512828_EN

WASHINGTON: File footage of scenes from the US prison in Guantanamo Bay, which Obama has called a "no man's land" and vowed to push to close. FILE. VID418904_EN, VID512881_EN


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MEXICO CITY: Obama travels to Mexico to return a visit to President Pena Nieto. He then travels on to Costa Rica, returning May 4. RAW. 1400 GMT

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MONTEVIDEO: Uruguayan three-string guitar reaches US music classrooms. RAW. VID512672_EN

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KUALA LUMPUR: Asia's troubled football body elects a new leader after a bitter campaign dominated by claims of outside interference, and allegations of human rights abuses. RAW. TBA

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BARCELONA: Bayern Munich cruise into their third Champions League final in four years after a 3-0 win over Barcelona. RAW. VID512972_EN

BARCELONA: Bayern striker Thomas Mueller describes his team's "sensational" play in victory over Barcelona to reach the Champions League final. RAW. VID512983_EN


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KONJIC, BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA: A former nuclear bunker built for Yugoslav leader Marshal Tito during the Cold War has been given a new lease of life as a modern art gallery. PKG. 1000 GMT


GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA: The Keystone XL pipeline will enable oil from the tar sands of Canada to be sent all the way to refineries in Texas. But it's proving highly controversial. NSV - VID512954_EN / VOICED - VID512955_EN

LONDON: Could you live off £1 a day? Around 20,000 people are trying to do so for five days to raise money for charity. PKG. NSV - VID512850_EN / VOICED - VID512851_EN

BEIRUT: Syrian refugees in Lebanon are using art to convey the meaning of their revolution. Aleppo native Abdelkarim Hamdam shot to fame thanks to a poem he sang on the stage of "Arab Idol" about his war-ravaged city. PKG. NSV - VID512794_EN / VOICED - VID512796_EN


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