S. Korea says last Kaesong workers to return Friday

South Korea said its seven remaining workers at a joint industrial zone in North Korea would return on Friday, completing a withdrawal from the complex after months of cross-border tensions.

The Kaesong industrial park -- built 10 kilometres (six miles) north of the tense border in 2004 -- was once a rare symbol of inter-Korean cooperation but now faces the possibility of permanent closure.

South Korea pulled out most of its remaining workers early on Tuesday but the seven stayed to settle unresolved issues such as unpaid taxes and wages for North Korean workers, believed to amount to millions of dollars.

Seoul's Unification Ministry said Friday those issues had been resolved and the workers would cross back over the border at 5:30 pm (0830 GMT).

A South Korean vehicle loaded with cash would head to the North at the same time to make the payments demanded by Pyongyang, it said.