Israel working with 'terrorist groups'

Syria's foreign ministry on Sunday accused Israel of working with "terrorist groups" after it reportedly carried out two strikes against Syrian targets.

"The blatant Israeli aggression against military sites in Syria confirms the coordination between Israel and terrorist groups and the takfiris of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is a branch of Al-Qaeda," the ministry said in a letter to the United Nations.

The ministry said the support was intended to boost "terrorist groups after the failure of their recent attempts to achieve control on the ground."

"This leaves no doubt that Israel is the beneficiary, the engine and sometimes the executor of the terrorist attacks taking place in Syria against the state and the people," the letter added.

The letter said allegations that Syria was transferring anything outside its borders were "unfounded," in reference to claims that Israel was targeting weapons bound for Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

It said the Jewish state targeted three sites from Israeli and Lebanese airspace.

"Around 01:40am, Israeli military aircraft over the occupied territories and south Lebanon launched an aerial aggression by firing missiles against three positions belonging to the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic," the letter said.

Syria uses the term "occupied territories" to refer to Israel, and the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights.

"This aggression caused deaths and injuries and serious destruction at the sites and in the surrounding civilian regions," the letter said.