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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's ruling coalition retains its 56-year grip on power, as the opposition says the ballot was tainted by fraud. PKG. 0400 GMT / RAW. TBA

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KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Razak hails his coalition's "fresh mandate". RAW. VID513949_EN

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA: Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim refused to concede defeat. RAW. VID513954_EN

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PENANG/PEKAN, MALAYSIA: Najib, Anwar and citizens voting. RAW. VID513812_EN, VID513807_EN, VID513800_EN, VID513801_EN


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DHAKA: Hundreds of thousands of Islamists demanding a new blasphemy law block highways and fight running battles with police, leaving 10 people dead and hundreds injured. RAW. TBA

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DHAKA: 10 dead as Bangladesh Islamists clash with security forces. RAW. VID513917_EN


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DAMASCUS/JERUSALEM: Israeli raids hit three military sites outside Damascus, the second such reported attack in 48 hours. RAW. TBC

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DAMASCUS: Syria's Information Minister says Israeli strikes on Syrian military targets have made the situation in the region "more dangerous". RAW. VID513915_EN

DAMASCUS: Israel launches air strikes near Syria capital. RAW. VID513829_EN



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LAHORE, PAKISTAN: Pakistan's embattled Christian community is preparing itself for the upcoming elections. RAW/PKG. TBA

SHANGHAI: As an Andy Warhol exhibition opens in Shanghai without his portraits of former Chinese leader Chairman Mao, AFPTV looks at the delicate relationship between art and politics in China. PKG. TBA

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KARACHI, PAKISTAN: Jamaat-e-Islami party holds a rally in Karachi. Its leader, Munawar Hasan, denounces "American intervention". RAW. VID513943_EN


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CHICAGO: On Chicago's far South Side, where gang violence is an all too common killer, parents fear that an official plan to close dozens of schools threatens to put their children in the crossfire. PKG. 0500 GMT. NSV - VID513659_EN / VOICED - VID513660_EN

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FORT WORTH, TEXAS: While Houston hosts the annual convention of the NRA, Fort Worth holds one of the state's biggest gun shows. Gun dealers and show organizers say business has been good since the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. RAW. VID513963_EN


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MOGADISHU/LONDON: World leaders gather on Tuesday for the second international conference on Somalia. Meanwhile, in Mogadishu security gains have been made on land and sea but significant challenges remain. PKG/RAW/STOCKSHOTS. TBA


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PARIS: President Francois Hollande marks his first year in office. RAW. TBA

MUNICH: Trial opens of neo-Nazi Beate Zschaepe, accused of a series of racially motivated crimes including murder. RAW. TBA

MOSCOW: Opposition protests on eve of anniversary of Vladimir Putin being sworn in as president. RAW. TBA

MADRID: Italian prime minister meets Spanish counterpart in Madrid. RAW. TBA

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MOSCOW: Opposition rally against Russian president Vladimir Putin. RAW. VID513902_EN / FILE. VID513507_EN

PARIS: Left-wingers demonstrate to mark the first anniversary of Francois Hollande's presidency. RAW. VID513905_EN

LYON/RENNES, FRANCE: Opponents to gay marriage carry on their fight with a demonstration. RAW. VID513928_EN


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