Colombian rebels put conditions on Canadian's release

Guerrillas holding a Canadian engineer hostage demanded Wednesday that the Colombian government revoke mining rights granted to the company he works for.

Jernoc Wobert, 47, was kidnapped January 18 in a rural area of northern Colombia by guerrillas of the National Liberation Army, or ELN, the country's second largest leftist rebel group.

Two Peruvians and three Colombians kidnapped with Wobert, who was employed by Braeval Mining Corporation, were released a month later.

"If the government is concerned about achieving a bloodless outcome of this detention, it should speed up the return of those mining titles to their rightful owners, who are the traditional miners in this area," the ELN said on its website.

Wobert is the only known foreign hostage being held by the group, which has an estimated 2,500 fighters. Two Germans, kidnapped in November 2012 by ELN rebels in northeastern Colombia, were released in March.