Police probe possible bomb at Canada military headquarters

Investigators have found components consistent with a bomb in a suspicious package that forced an evacuation of Canada's defense ministry headquarters, police said Wednesday.

The package was found Tuesday on the Mackenzie King Bridge near the defense ministry, prompting authorities to close the bridge and adjacent downtown streets just before the start of the evening rush hour traffic.

"The suspicious package was removed by a robot and detonated," Defense Minister Peter MacKay said in a statement.

Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Maloney, meanwhile, told AFP the package contained materials consistent with an improvised explosive device.

"Our bomb technicians X-rayed the package and found components that were consistent with what you would expect in an improved explosive device: a power source like a battery or a cell phone, material dense enough that it could be explosives and wires connecting to a possible detonator," Maloney said.

"It did pose a threat because it contained materials that could be explosives," he said, but added that the public was never in any danger.

A water cannon and an exploding water bottle were used to disrupt the package.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is now inspecting the components more closely to determine if in fact it was a bomb.