Hungary court gives three-year jail term for anti-Semitic abuse

A Budapest court has handed down prison sentences of two and three years to three men who verbally abused visitors to the World Jewish Congress (WJC) held last weekend in the city, state newswire MTI reported Friday.

The agency said the visitors were victims of an anti-Semitic attack during their stay in the Hungarian capital for the WJC, held from May 5 to 7. The three men were convicted after a fast-track trial.

"The main culprit received a three-year prison sentence, while two more received two-year sentences, both suspended for three years," said MTI.

The incident happened close to the city's Great Synagogue, the agency said. The three assailants shouted Nazi slogans and anti-Semitic insults at the WJC group, and made Nazi salutes, before plain-clothed police intervened.

The main culprit -- who was on probation for a previous drug offence -- is appealing his sentence.

The WJC decided to hold its conference in Budapest in a show of solidarity with the local Jewish community which it says has suffered increasing anti-Semitism in recent years.