Pakistan frontrunner in impassioned final vote plea

The frontrunner in Pakistan's election campaign, Nawaz Sharif, gave an impassioned final speech to thousands of supporters Thursday, promising to change the country's course if elected.

His voice cracking with emotion and clearly exhausted after a frenetic campaign, the two-time former prime minister told the huge crowd: "On May 11, God willing, the Muslim League will form a government. It is not long now."

Just minutes before campaigning officially ends at midnight for Saturday's general election, he accused his opponents of selling the nation's honour, vowing that his Pakistan Muslim League-N will be different.

"If you give us five years, you will see that we can change the fate of this country," he said, bellowing into a microphone between snatches of music to the flag-waving crowd in Pakistan's second largest city of Lahore, his powerbase.