Two arrests in slaying of Malcolm X grandson in Mexico

Police have arrested two waiters who allegedly beat to death the grandson of late US civil rights activist Malcolm X in a Mexico City bar after he disputed a $1,200 tab, officials said Monday.

Mexico City's top prosecutor, Rodolfo Fernando Rios Garza, said authorities were looking for two other suspects in the death of Malcolm Shabazz, 29, who was found laying on the street in front of The Palace Club on Thursday.

Shabazz died later in a hospital of blunt-force trauma, with head injuries, a broken jaw and fractured ribs.

The victim and a friend had been accosted on the street by two women, ages 20 and 25, who convinced them to go to the bar, Rios Garza said.

He said the pair consumed alcohol and at around 3:00 am, "two waiters along with two other subjects" demanded that they pay a $1,200 bill.

"The victims did not agree with the amount and after failing to reach an agreement, the now deceased was beaten and his companion was threatened and stripped of his belongings inside the building," Rios Garza told a news conference.

The prosecutor named the suspects as David Hernandez Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Perez de Jesus. They face robbery and homicide charges.

The club is located across the street from Plaza Garibaldi, a famous square known for its roving Mariachi bands and seedy dive bars.

Officials did not name the friend who was with Shabazz but local media identified him as Miguel Suarez, a leader of a labor movement.

Rios Garza said he did not know why Suarez was spared but he noted that the two friends were separated in different rooms during the attack. The two men had arrived in Mexico City from Tijuana, a city at the border with California.

Shabazz had a troubled youth, spending time in a juvenile detention center for starting the fire that led to the death of his grandmother Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X, in 1997. The civil rights leader was assassinated in 1965.