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WASHINGTON: Myanmar leader Thein Sein meets President Barack Obama on historic first visit to the White House. RAW. TBA

WASHINGTON: Thein Sein speaks at a gala dinner held in his honour by the US Chamber of Commerce. RAW. TBA


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NEW DELHI: Chinese premier makes fence-mending visit to India. RAW. TBA


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NIGERIA: Monitoring events in Nigeria where government soldiers are fighting Boko Haram Islamists. RAW. TBC


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CANNES, FRANCE: French director Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, the only female director competing for the Palme d'Or, presents the autobiographical "Un ch√Ęteau en Italie" ("A Castle in Italy"). RAW. 1200 GMT (trailer) 2200 GMT (red carpet)

CANNES, FRANCE: Japanese film maker Takashi Miike brings violent thriller "Wara No Tate" ("Shield of Straw") to the Cannes film festival. RAW. 1200 GMT (trailer) 1700 GMT (presser) 2200 GMT (red carpet)

CANNES, FRANCE: French actress Marion Cotillard stars in Guillaume Canet's new film "Blood Ties" presented out of competition. RAW. 1800 GMT (presser)

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CANNES, FRANCE: In one of the highlights of the film festival, the Coen brothers present their latest film, "Inside Llewyn Davis". RAW. VID517550_EN (trailer), VID517931_EN (presser), VID517980_EN, VID517998_EN (red carpet)

CANNES, FRANCE: Actors Sandrine Kiberlain and Francois Damiens and director Serge Bozon talks about Bozon's latest film "Tip Top" which is being presented at Cannes. RAW. VID517943_EN

CANNES, FRANCE: Dutch director Alex van Warmerdam presents "Borgman", a film in which a wealthy family's carefully constructed world gets turned upside down. RAW. VID517911_EN (presser), VID518014_EN (red carpet)



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KARACHI: Monitoring after gunmen kill a senior Pakistani politician from Imran Khan's PTI party. RAW. TBC

CHOEUNG EK, CAMBODIA: Cambodian people mark "Day of Anger" to remember victims of the Khmer Rouge. RAW. TBA

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KARACHI: Funeral held for a senior Pakistani politician from Imran Khan's party after she was gunned down. RAW. VID517974_EN

SITTWE, MYANMAR: Tens of thousands of displaced Muslims are hoping for a long term housing solution after a cyclone forced them from temporary tents to where they had fled from inter-ethnic violence. RAW. VID517999_EN


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LONDON: British lawmakers to debate controversial legislation allowing gay marriage, ahead of a vote on Tuesday. RAW. TBC

LYON, FRANCE: Following after a 48-year-old divorced Briton living in France confessed to slitting the throats of his two young children. RAW. TBC

LONDON: Bail hearing for radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada, who Britain has been trying to deport to Jordan for a decade. FILE. 0600 GMT

LONDON: Press conference of the first Briton astronaut in 20 years. RAW. 1300 GMT

GENEVA: World Health Organisation holds 66th assembly amid concerns of a new SARS-like virus. RAW. 1200 GMT

NANTERRE, FRANCE: Trial begins over Mediator diabetes drug which the French health ministry says could have caused up to 500 deaths. RAW. TBA

LONDON: Press preview of first edition books annotated by their authors, including the first edition of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" by JK Rowling. RAW. 1600 GMT

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LYON, FRANCE: A 48-year-old British divorced man locked in a custody battle admits to killing his two young children by slitting their throats. RAW. VID517991_EN, VID517924_EN, VID517985_EN


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MAPUTO: UN chief Ban Ki-moon starts a visit to Mozambique. RAW. TBC


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TUNIS: Clashes break out between radical Islamists and police after Salafist movement Ansar al-Sharia tries to hold its annual congress, defying a government ban. RAW. VID517996_EN


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NEW YORK: Coney Island strongmen pull off daring feats of force. RAW. VID518010_EN

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BRASILIA: Stock shots of the Brasilia stadium that will host the Confederations Cup in mid-June. STOCKSHOTS. TBA

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PARIS: PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti has asked the club to be released from his final year of contract in order to coach Real Madrid. FILE. VID511368_EN


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