Kenya police say shoot dead two suspected 'terrorists'

Police in Kenya have shot dead two suspected "terrorists", a man and woman who used a baby as a shield during a raid in which several police sustained grenade injuries, an officer said Sunday.

Police said they staged the raid Saturday night on a house where the two were holed up on the outskirts of the capital Nairobi.

"We received information that they were planning an attack. And as soon as we got to know their hide-out, we swung into action," Augustine Nthumbi, police chief for Nairobi's Kasarani suburb and the leader of the operation, told journalists Sunday.

"It took quite some time before they were killed because they refused to open and kept hurling grenades at our officers," he said, adding that several policemen were wounded by the grenades.

"It was a man and a woman and we had difficulties because they were using an eight-month-old baby as a shield. Luckily the baby was not hurt," he said.

"The baby has been taken to hospital for shock and fumes inhaled."

The fumes are understood to be from teargas that the police fired into the house.

"This is a dangerous group. They are members of a terrorist group... and we believe they have accomplices whom we are yet to get," Nthumbi told journalists at the scene.

Police did not immediately release details on the group the couple allegedly belonged to or the attack they were believed to be planning.

Nairobi is one of several Kenyan towns that have seen a spate of attacks -- mostly attributed by police to sympathisers of Islamists from neighbouring Somalia -- since Kenya sent troops into Somalia in late 2011.