Olympics: Olympic medals unveiled for Sochi 2014

The Russian Olympic Committee unveiled the medals to be presented at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi during a lavish ceremony at Saint-Petersburg on Thursday.

The medals will be 10cm in diametre and 1cm thick, composed with a golden disc in the centre for champions, and silver and bronze for resepective second and third place finishers, with part of the medals made from polycarbonate glass.

The medals will also feature a series of designs representing the numerous Russian regions.

The face of the medals which will weigh between 460 and 531 grammes, will carry the Sochi Olympic symbol and the name of the competition in English with engravings on the sides written in Russian, English and French.

"We wanted to create a uniqe medal which would be recognised immediately," said Russian Vice Prime Minister Dmitri Kozak.

"And in my mind, we have succeeded."

Russian President Vladimir Putin added: "I am sure these medals will please the athletes. We are determined to organise a true sporting festival."

The Leo Burnett advertising agency have come up with the main conception of the medals with Russian jewelllers Adamas also contributing to the project with main themes consisting of Russian mountains and bodies of water as well as shiny metals and transparent glass.

Russian committee president Dmitri Chernyshenko led the presentation ceremony with the assistance of former French alpine ski champion Jean-Claude Killy, the president of the coordination commission.

"We have done everything to make the medals as memorable and innovative as possible," said Chernyshenko.

Some 1,300 medals have been designed with 3kg of gold invested in the treasured prizes.