Tennis: French Open quotes

Who's saying what at the French Open:

"I'm a positive person but, of course I had doubts. I tried to do my best to come back."

- Rafael Nadal on his comeback from injury.

"Sport without a goal is stupid. I am a good competitor because I love tennis."

- Nadal on what keeps him focussed.

"Rafa has new tel. number you should dial 8- 63 62 63."

- Fellow professional Tomas Berdych on Twitter.

"I think he has the best mentality I ever seen in my career. He has everything. He can play aggressive, his physical side is unbelievable."

- Beaten finalist David Ferrer

"They are fanatics who have no respect for players. It's appalling."

- Tournament director Gilbert Ysern on the protestors who interrupted the men's final.