Yemen air strike 'kills six Qaeda militants'

An air strike believed to have been carried out by a US drone killed six presumed members of Al-Qaeda in north Yemen on Sunday, a tribal source said.

The air raid targeted a vehicle in the Khab al-Shath area near al-Jawf, the source said, adding that the six dead included suspected Al-Qaeda member Hassan al-Saleh Huraydan and his brother.

The tribal source had earlier put the number of dead at five.

"A Saudi national is among the dead," the source said of the air strike that took place in the province bordering Saudi Arabia.

Witnesses said that three raids followed the first strike, but they did not provide details about the targets.

American drones frequently conduct strikes against suspected militants as part of Washington's war on the jihadist network across several countries, and in support of Yemen's war on extremists.

Two air strikes last week in the southern province of Abyan killed seven suspected members of Al-Qaeda and wounded two more.

Al-Qaeda exploited a weakening of central government control during the 2011 uprising that forced veteran strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh from power to seize large swathes of the south and east.

The Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is considered by the United States to be the most dangerous branch of the global extremist network.