Britain urges Rowhani to set Iran on 'different course'

Britain on Saturday called on Hassan Rowhani to take Iran on a 'different course' following his victory in the country's presidential election.

"The Foreign Office notes the announcement of Hassan Rowhani's electoral victory," said an FCO statement.

"We call on him to use the opportunity to set Iran on a different course for the future," added a spokesman for the ministry.

The FCO highlighted international concerns about Iran's nuclear programme, its relationship with the international community and its human rights policy as areas where improvement was required.

Moderate cleric Rowhani was declared Iran's new president on Saturday in an outright election victory that ends eight years of conservative grip on the top office.

Rowhani, 64, a former top nuclear negotiator who has championed more constructive engagement with world powers, won outright with 18.6 million votes, or 50.68 percent of those cast.