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What's happening in Africa on Monday:

+ Hospitalised Mandela shows 'sustained' improvement

PRETORIA: Nelson Mandela shows a "sustained" improvement after more than a week in hospital battling a lung infection although his condition remains serious. Picture. Video. (SAFRICA-POLITICS-HEALTH-MANDELA)


OUAGADOUGOU: Burkina Faso's mediators press on with efforts to secure an agreement between Mali officials and Tuareg armed groups that would allow elections set for July 28 to be held across the west African country, including in the rebel-held northern Mali city of Kidal. Picture. (MALI-UNREST-VOTE)

MARIKANA, South Africa: Families of striking miners who were killed in a deadly police crackdown hold a ceremony at the scene of the violence, which shocked the world and reminded many of apartheid-era brutality. From 0200 GMT. (SAFRICA-MINING)

CASABLANCA, Morocco: Verdict due in the case of the editor of a weekly magazine who was prosecuted after he wrote that an Islamist minister had organised a social event with alcohol during a trip abroad. (MOROCCO-JUSTICE-TRIAL-MEDIA)

KHARTOUM: Special envoys to Sudan from Britain, the European Union, United Nations, Arab League and elsewhere join top African Union diplomats for a two-day retreat, held every two years, to assess developments in the region where violence has worsened. (SUDAN-DARFUR-UNREST)

TUNIS: Six rappers and a French-Tunisian journalist, Hind Meddeb, appear before a prosecutor investigating violence that erupted after the trial of musician Ala Yaacoub, better known by his rap name "Weld El 15", who was sentenced to two years in prison for insulting the police in a music video posted on YouTube. 0800 GMT. (TUNISIA-POLITICS-TRIAL-RIGHTS)