Germany says solution 'urgent' in Iran nuclear talks

Germany said Monday there was an "urgent" need to find a solution over the Iranian nuclear programme, calling for continued dialogue with President-elect Hassan Rowhani, a moderate cleric.

"A solution to this issue is urgent," foreign ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke told reporters.

"From our perspective, we must continue the dialogue," he said. "Iran of course has a right to a peaceful nuclear programme, but also the duty to meet all international obligations."

Peschke said that following Rowhani's election, Germany would assess carefully which new opportunities would open, inside the country and abroad.

Tehran has been engaged since 2006 with the P5+1 -- UN Security Council permanent members Britain, China, France, Russia, the US, plus Germany -- over its controversial nuclear work, but with no breakthrough.

Western powers and Israel believe the programme is being used to develop an atomic bomb, but Tehran has always insisted it is for purely peaceful purposes.

Rowhani expressed hope on Monday that Iran can reach a new agreement with the international powers over its nuclear programme and described as unfair and unjustified sanctions imposed against the Islamic republic over the nuclear issue.