IMF denies recommending Greece close state TV

The International Monetary Fund denied Thursday it had recommended Greece's closure of a state television broadcaster, which has sparked a political crisis in Athens, as part of its bailout program.

"The recent decisions regarding the state broadcaster have been the government's," IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said.

"The authorities' economic program is supported by IMF lending and that includes a reform of public administration, as you know, but does not make specific recommendations on decisions involving state companies."

The Greek government, in a shock announcement on June 11, said it was shutting down state broadcaster ERT.

The abrupt closure will result in the loss of 2,700 jobs and has sparked national and international uproar.

The government said the move was necessary to meet the conditions of its bailout by the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

Under the 240 billion euro ($322 billion) of the rescue by the so-called "troika" of international lenders, the government needs to slash 4,000 civil-servant posts by the end of the year.