Bus crash in Montenegro leaves 13 dead, 32 injured

Thirteen people died and 32 others were injured when a Romanian bus crashed in a Montenegro gorge on Sunday, Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic said.

"In an extremely serious accident, 13 people were killed and 32 injured, seven of them in a life-threatening condition," Konjevic told reporters at the scene of the crash.

Konjevic clarified that the bus with 46 people on board had Romanian and not Ukrainian licence plates, as previously reported by the police.

The identities or nationalities of the victims have not yet been revealed.

The bus slid off the road into a gorge some 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the capital Podgorica, in a mountainous region along the river Moraca, police spokeswoman Tamara Popovic told reporters earlier.

The injured were being treated at a hospital in Podgorica and "most of them have suffered serious injuries, among them is one child," Vladimir Dobricanin, a doctor at the hospital told Montenegro's state television.

Dozens of rescue workers were trying to pull out the victims by rope out of the gorge as the bus was in dense forest and could not be easily reached, an AFP photographer at the scene said.

The cause of accident was still unclear, Popovic said.

The road from mountainous northern Montenegro towards Podgorica and Adriatic coast has been the scene of frequent car crashes due to dangerous curves and fast driving.