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+ Russia in stand-off with US over fugitive leaker

+ South Africa awaits news on Nelson Mandela's failing health

+ Obama lays out major new US plan to fight climate change

+ Saudi presses for end to 'genocidal' Syrian regime



Russian President Vladimir Putin reveals that US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden is still in a Moscow airport transit zone, rejecting calls for his extradition to the United States.

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QUNU, South Africa

Nelson Mandela's close family huddles at his rural homestead to discuss the failing health of the South African anti-apartheid icon who is fighting for his life in hospital.

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US President Barack Obama lays out a broad new national plan to fight climate change, using executive powers to get around "flat earth" climate deniers who have blocked action in Congress.

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JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia presses for global action to end Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, telling US Secretary of State John Kerry that the civil war had turned into "genocide".

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In a civil rights setback, the US Supreme Court strikes down a lynchpin portion of Voting Rights Act, telling Congress to rethink the formula used to determine if a state is rigging its electoral laws against minority groups.

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US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has earned both praise and condemnation from his fellow Americans, who are divided over whether his disclosures make him a whisteblowing hero or a self-absorbed traitor.

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Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff meets senior lawyers and lawmakers to enlist support for a plan to defuse a wave of mass popular protests by embarking on sweeping political reform.

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With her call for a referendum on political reform, President Dilma Rousseff has regained the initiative after two weeks of mass street protests and deflected the heat onto Brazil's discredited Congress, analysts say.

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A UN peacekeeping force will take charge of security in Mali from July 1 but plans to hold a presidential election next month face "major" obstacles, officials say.

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South African traders dismiss fears of a "Mandela crash" when the icon dies, after steep selloffs hit the rand and Africa's largest stock exchange.

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A Berber politician is elected Libya's interim leader, the first member of the long oppressed minority to hold high office, but he faces a huge challenge to address growing international security concerns.

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Czech President Milos Zeman appoints his leftist economic advisor Jiri Rusnok as the new prime minister after an unprecedented corruption scandal toppled his rightwing predecessor.

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After a three-year break, the European Union agrees to reopen EU membership talks with Turkey but delays them several months due to concerns notably from Germany over Ankara's tough crackdown on anti-government protests.

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The emir of gas-rich Qatar, a major actor on the world diplomatic stage and key backer of Arab Spring uprisings, steps down in favour of his 33-year-old son, Sheikh Tamim.

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SIDON, Lebanon

Lebanese security forces launch a manhunt for radical Sunni cleric Ahmad al-Assir, after clashes with his supporters in the southern city of Sidon killed 17 soldiers.

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Taliban gunmen and bombers using fake NATO identification attack an entrance to the Afghan presidential palace in the heart of Kabul, just a week after insurgent leaders opened an office in Qatar for peace talks.

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In the build-up to his 30th birthday last week, US fugitive Edward Snowden came to the sudden realisation over a dinner of pizza and Pepsi that Hong Kong may be a less welcoming refuge than he'd thought, his legal advisor says.

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A helicopter helping victims of devastating floods in northern India crashes near a pilgrimage site, killing all eight people on board, as fresh rains hampered the bid to rescue thousands still stranded.

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Official South and North Korean websites suffer what appear to be coordinated attacks from unidentified hackers on the anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, prompting Seoul to issue a general cyber attack alert.

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