US citizen killed in Egypt clashes: state TV

A US citizen was killed on Friday during clashes in Egypt's second city of Alexandria between supporters and opponents of the president, state television reported, raising the day's death toll there to two.

A health ministry official and a security official both said the American had been stabbed during the confrontations.

Earlier a medical source said a "21-year-old US citizen was killed. He was taken to hospital with birdshot wounds".

The American embassy in Cairo said it was still trying to confirm the news.

"We have heard of reports of the death of a US citizen. We are seeking to confirm," a US embassy official told AFP.

Alexandria security chief Amin Ezzedine confirmed an American "who was taking photographs" was killed in the clashes.

State television said the American was a photojournalist, but Ezzedine said he worked at a US cultural centre in Alexandria.

The death comes as clashes raged in Alexandria between supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsi, and rival rallies were being held around the country.

Earlier, state media reported another person killed, an Egyptian, and at least 70 injured in Alexandria.