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Swimming: US 2013 World Championships team


The US team for the 2013 swimming World Championships announced on Saturday after completion of the US trials:


Nathan Adrian (50m, 100m freestyle)

Ricky Berens (4x100 free relay, 4x200 free relay)

Tyler Clary (200m butterfly, 200m backstroke, 400m individual medley)

Kevin Cordes (100m, 200m breaststroke)

Conor Dwyer (200m freestyle, 200m individual medley)

Anthony Ervin (50m freestyle, 4x100m free relay)

Jimmy Feigen (100m freestyle)

Nic Fink (100m breaststroke)

Andrew Gemmell (5km)

Eugene Godsoe (50m, 100m butterfly)

Matt Grevers (100m backstroke)

Charlie Houchin (4x200m free relay)

Connor Jaeger (400m, 800m 1500m freestyle)

BJ Johnson (200m breaststroke)

Chase Kalisz (400m individual medley)

Michael Klueh (4x200m free relay)

Ryan Lochte (200m freestyle, 200m backstroke, 100m butterfly, 200m individual medley, 4x100m free relay)

Tom Luchsinger (200m butterfly)

Michael McBroom (1500m freestyle)

Matt McLean (400m freestyle, 4x200m free relay)

Alex Meyer (10km, 25km)

David Plummer (50m, 100m backstroke)

Sean Ryan (5km, 10km)

Kevin Steel (50m breaststroke)

Jordan Wilimovsky (25km)


Cammile Adams (200m butterfly)

Haley Anderson (5km)

Elizabeth Beisel (200m, 400m individual medley)

Rachel Bootsma (50m backstroke)

Chelsea Chenault (4x200m free relay)

Natalie Coughlin (50m freestyle, 4x100m free relay)

Maya DiRado (200m butterfly, 400m individual medley, 4x200m free relay)

Claire Donahue (100m butterfly)

Eva Fabian (25km)

Missy Franklin (100m, 200m freestyle, 100m, 200m backstroke)

Jessica Hardy (50m, 100m breaststroke)

Christine Jennings (10km, 25km)

Breeja Larson (100m, 200m breaststroke)

Micah Lawrence (200m breaststroke)

Katie Ledecky (200m, 400m, 800m 1500m freestyle)

Caitlin Leverenz (200m individual medley)

Christine Magnuson (50m butterfly)

Becca Mann (5km, 10km)

Simone Manuel (50m freestyle, 4x100 free relay)

Jordan Mattern (4x200 free relay)

Elizabeth Pelton (100m, 200m backstroke)

Megan Romano (4x100m free relay)

Chloe Sutton (400m, 800m freestyle)

Dana Vollmer (100m butterfly)

Shannon Vreeland (100m freestyle, 4x200m free relay)

Head Men's Coach: Bob Bowman

Head Women's Coach: Dave Salo

Head Open Water Coach: Catherine Vogt