Mexico in 'direct' contact with US over spy claims

Mexico is in direct contact with the United States over a report that it was among 38 embassies and missions that were spied on by US intelligence services, a Mexican foreign ministry spokesman said Monday.

"The Mexican government is aware of the allegations and suspected leaks reported by the media. Communication has been established with the US government in a direct manner and with the seriousness that the issue deserves," the spokesman told AFP.

The Guardian newspaper reported that a National Security Agency document, leaked by fugitive former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, lists 38 embassies and missions bugged by the United States.

The 2010 list includes European Union missions in New York and Washington as well as the French, Italian and Greek embassies, and other traditional allies including Japan, Mexico, South Korea, India and Turkey, the London daily said.

The report does not specify which Mexican mission was spied on.

US law enforcement agencies have worked closely with Mexican authorities in the war on drugs, with then president Felipe Calderon allowing Americans to deal directly with their Mexican counterparts during his 2006-2012 administration.

President Enrique Pena Nieto, who took office in December, has begun to shift the strategy and US agencies must now channel all security matters through the powerful interior ministry.