Failed Russian rocket launches since 2010

The loss of a Russian rocket on Tuesday after it blasted off with three navigation satellites was the latest in a string of mishaps for the country's once trailblazing aerospace sector.

Here is a snapshot of some previous accidents:

-- 2010 --

- December 5: Three Russian Glonass navigation satellites, designed to rival the US GPS (Global Positioning System) crash into the Pacific off the US state of Hawaii after their launch rocket fails to reach orbit.

-- 2011 --

- February 1: A Geo-IK-2 satellite able to draw a three-dimensional map of the Earth and locate the precise positions of military targets goes missing after it was apparently put into the wrong orbit shortly after its launch.

- August 18: Moscow loses contact with a powerful Express-AM4 telecoms satellite after it too was placed into the wrong orbit.

- August 24: A Soyuz rocket carrying a Progress cargo vessel towards the International Space Station (ISS) malfunctions and crashes in the uninhabited Altai region shortly after lift-off.

- November 9: The Phobos-Grunt space probe, Russia's first interplanetary mission in 15 years, is launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan but does not reach the right trajectory towards Mars.

Pieces of the probe fall into the Pacific Ocean two months later.

- December 23: A Soyuz rocket malfunction results in the loss of a dual-use military communications satellite, which crashes into a remote region of Siberia.

-- 2012 --

- August 7: A technical malfunction leads to the loss of a rocket that is carrying two telecommunications satellites.

-- 2013 --

- February 1: A Russian-Ukrainian rocket carrying a US Intelsat 27 satellite falls into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch from a floating platform.

- July 2: A Proton-M rocket carrying three Glonass navigation satellites explodes just after launch, spewing highly toxic fuel into the air over the Baikonur cosmodrome.