LONDON, July 3, 2013 (AFP) - We plan to file the following videos on Thursday. Please check the daily advisories for any additions and amendments.



CAIRO : Monitoring the situation after the Egyptian army topples President Mohamed Morsi after a week of bloodshed that killed nearly 50 people. RAW. TBA.


MOSCOW / ROME / BERLIN / BRUSSELS / PARIS: Following developments as US fugitive leaker Edward Snowden awaits decisions on requests for political asylum. RAW. TBA



PRETORIA/JOHANNESBURG: Monitoring health of Nelson Mandela, still in a critical condition in hospital. RAW. TBA


TOKYO: The Nuclear Regulatory Authority, the new atomic watchdog whose tough rules on reactor safety come into force on Monday, holds a press conference. RAW. TBA

PELALAWAN, INDONESIA: Saparina continues to plant spinach among the ashen remains of rainforest on Indonesia's Sumatra island, where raging fires triggered Southeast Asia's worst smog crisis for years. RAW. TBA


ISTANBUL: The Syrian opposition begins a two-day meeting to elect a new leadership. RAW. 1500GMT

BRUSSELS: Meeting to discuss allegations of American spying on European Union institutions. RAW. TBA

PARIS: French government begins discussing contentious retirement reforms. RAW. TBA

MOSCOW: Russian foreign minister meets his Colombian counterpart Maria Angela Holguin. RAW. TBC

PARIS: Former French environment minister Delphine Batho gives her take on events leading to her abrupt sacking this week. RAW. 1800 GMT

PARIS: French rogue trader Jerome Kerviel sues his former employer, Societe Generale, for unfair dismissal. RAW. TBC.


TUNIS: French President Francois Hollande gives a press conference after meeting Tunisian officials. RAW. 1700GMT

BEIRUT: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas continues his visit to Lebanon. RAW. TBA.


NEW YORK: The Statue of Liberty reopens on the Fourth of July, US Independence Day, after being closed for repairs following Hurricane Sandy. RAW. 2100 GMT

WASHINGTON: The US capital commemorates the Fourth of July with a parade on the National Mall. RAW. 2000 GMT


BOGOTA: Colombians are pinning their hopes on Nairo Quintana as he competes in the Tour de France 2013, and is largely behind a boom in amateur cycling. PKG. 23H00 GMT

PHNOM PENH: The first traditional medicine school has opened in Cambodia, to help train healers in ancient techniques. In a country where 80 per cent of the population live in rural areas, traditional healers provide a vital role in helping the sick. PKG. 0400 GMT

PARIS: France has authorised the use of cannabis-based medication, giving hope to many patients who are already using it illegally. PKG. 1100 GMT

As part of a series of reports to mark the imminent arrival of the baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we will file the following video:

LONDON: Alexandra, Diana, George? Bets are pouring in on the name of the royal baby. PKG. 0230 GMT


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