AFP Americas News Agenda for July 8

Duty Editor: Jim Mannion

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What's happening in the Americas on Monday:

+ Asiana jet crash probe in San Francisco

+ Search for Canada inferno victims

+ WikiLeaks soldier's defense begins

SAN FRANCISCO: US investigators probe why a Asiana airplane that crash-landed in California tried to abort their landing with no time left to do so. (US-ACCIDENT-AIR-SKOREA) Graphic. Picture. Video

LAC-MEGANTIC, Canada: After firefighters finally extinguish blazes sparked by oil tank cars on a freight train that derailed, authorities seek to recover bodies from the lake town. (CANADA-ACCIDENT-RAIL-OIL) Graphic. Picture. Video

FORT MEADE, Maryland: Lawyers open the defense in the trial of US soldier Bradley Manning, who has admitted to leaking a trove of secret documents to WikiLeaks but denies helping Al-Qaeda. Starts at 1430 GMT. (US-TRIAL-MILITARY-WIKILEAKS)