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+ Egypt PM faces tough task of forming cabinet

+ Two Koreas discuss reopening industrial zone

+ Criminal probe over Canada train disaster

+ Boston marathon suspect to appear in court



Egypt's interim authorities start talks on forming a cabinet but face tough hurdles as opponents and supporters alike of ousted president Mohamed Morsi slam a temporary charter aimed at restoring democracy to the divided nation.

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PAJU, South Korea

North and South Korea start talks on reopening a jointly run industrial zone, with tensions running high over the shuttered complex, which is seen as the last remaining symbol of cross-border reconciliation.

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Police say they are looking at possible criminal negligence charges in the worst train disaster in recent Canadian history, while the US firm involved denied any responsibility in the derailment and explosion of a train carrying oil.

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BOSTON, Massachusetts

The Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsnarnaev appears in court for the first time over the twin blasts that killed three people at the finish line of one of America's premier sporting events.

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Italy's coalition government comes under pressure from members of Silvio Berlusconi's party protesting the announcement of the former prime minister's latest court date amid growing doubts about the economic outlook.

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The Hotel Lambert mansion in central Paris, a 17th-century architectural jewel with a rich history, is damaged in a major fire following its purchase by a Qatari prince who was carrying out controversial renovations.

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Czech President Milos Zeman appoints an interim government led by his long-time ally Jiri Rusnok in a controversial bid to end a political crisis sparked by an unprecedented corruption scandal.

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Qatar, a key supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood that rose to power in Arab Spring states, is losing the initiative in regional politics as Saudi Arabia seizes the reins on sensitive issues, notably Egypt and Syria.

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Activist Alaa Morelli escaped the worst in Syrian prisons, but to secure her freedom she lied during a forced "confession" on state television, saying the uprising was the work of foreigners.

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NYALA, Sudan

Elite Sudanese troops have been deployed in Sudan's second-largest city after days of violence among other members of the Sudanese security forces, as residents begin the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in fear of new clashes.

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-- ASIA --



Muslims in much of Asia begin celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, with hardliners in Indonesia vowing to raid "sinful" bars after police steamrollered a mountain of alcohol and porn.

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Australia admits conditions at the Great Barrier Reef are "poor" as it battles UNESCO threats to downgrade its heritage status, but hails "solid" progress on water quality.

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China's trade surplus fell 14.0 percent in June as imports and exports both dropped unexpectedly, data shows, suggesting a further slowdown in the Asian economic giant as Beijing warns of "grave challenges".

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