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CAIRO: Egypt's army warns against attempts to disrupt the country's "difficult and complex" transition as it set out plans for elections by early next year. RAW. TBC

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WASHINGTON: The White House says it's "cautiously encouraged" by a timeline proposed by Egypt's interim rulers for elections to replace Mohamed Morsi. RAW. VID534061_EN

CAIRO: Symbolic funerals for the pro-Morsi protesters killed on Monday. RAW. VID533992_EN

CAIRO: Egyptians shop for last-minute items on the eve of the holy fasting month of Ramadan. VID534017_EN

CAIRO: Egyptians voice concerns about the economy amid political upheaval. RAW. VID533846_EN

CAIRO: ElBaradei named Egypt VP for foreign relations. FILE. VID532083_EN


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KAESONG, NORTH KOREA/ PAJU, SOUTH KOREA: North and South Korea start talks on reopening a jointly run industrial zone. RAW. VID534106_EN / FILE. VID510917_EN


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SAN FRANCISCO: Asiana chief executive Yoon Young-Doo arrives in California to meet transport safety officials and victims, after US investigators said they had begun questioning the cockpit crew. RAW. VID533089_EN



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BEIJING: Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is in China on his second day of a four-day visit focused on boosting trade. RAW. TBA

HONG KONG: Monitoring court case on Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung who is being tried for laundering charges. RAW / FILE. TBC

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SICHUAN PROVINCE, CHINA: Heavy rain in China's southern province of Sichuan triggers a landslide, burying more than 30 people. RAW. VID534127_EN

BEIJING: China's monthly trade surplus falls 14.0 percent in June to $27.13 billion, government data shows as imports and exports both decline. STOCKSHOTS. VID436441_EN

JAKARTA: Indonesians celebrate the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. RAW. VID534111_EN

MANILA: A relentless Catholic Church campaign to derail a birth control law in the Philippines enters its final phase at the Supreme Court. RAW. VID534000_EN


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SREBRENICA: Events to mark the massacre of some 8,000 Bosnian Muslims killed by Serb forces 18 years ago. RAW. 1100 GMT / RAW. TBA

LONDON: Britain will flesh out controversial plans to part-privatise Royal Mail, the state-run postal delivery service. RAW. 1600 GMT

GENEVA: Press conference with the ambassador of North Korea on a visit to the UN to discuss peace in his country. RAW. TBA

PRAGUE: Czech president appoints technocrat government led by ally. RAW. TBA

PARIS: 800 million euros paid out "in error" to French unemployed, says job centre. RAW. 1400 GMT

PARIS: Malian soldiers prepare to take part in this year's Bastille Day celebrations, marching alongside French soldiers from units serving in Mali. RAW. 1200 GMT

VENICE: Outdoor opera based on Othello takes place in Venice. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

PARIS: A major fire has engulfed Paris's iconic 17th-century Lambert Hotel. RAW. VID534121_EN

VARIOUS LOCATIONS: File footage of Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner. FILE. VID517430_EN

PARIS: French tycoon's assets seized in ongoing corruption probe. RAW. VID534120_EN

ISTANBUL: Turkish police allow protesters to enter Gezi Park, the birthplace of deadly unrest that engulfed the country last month, for the first night of Ramadan. RAW. VID534099_EN, VID534096_EN


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CAIRO/DAMASCUS: The faithful break their fast on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. RAW. 1800 GMT

RAFAH, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Hamas re-opens the crossing terminal from the impoverished Gaza Strip into Egypt. RAW. 1200 GMT

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DOHA: The Taliban temporarily close their office in Qatar. FILE. VID528244_EN

TEL HAZOR, ISRAEL: Archaeologists discover unique Egyptian Sphinx. RAW. VID533999_EN


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NAIROBI: Kenyan customs officers have confiscated more than three tonnes of elephant ivory destined for Malaysia in one of the largest in a series of such seizures. RAW. TBA

JOHANNESBURG: Following developments surrounding Nelson Mandela's health. RAW. TBC

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JUBA: South Sudan celebrates two years of independence, and President Salva Kiir was keen to stress that corruption would not be tolerated in his country. RAW. VID534076_EN (soundbites), VID534080_EN (images)

ANTANANARIVO: African Union representative Ramtane Lamamra in Madagascar to try to resolve a political crisis after the international community imposes sanctions on three presidential candidates. RAW. VID534041_EN


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NEW YORK: New York's Governors Island hosts the world's first festival of vintage carousels and carnival rides, drawn from private French collections. RAW. 2300 GMT

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: First court hearing for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. FILE. VID534086_EN

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA: US Vice President Joe Biden eulogizes 19 young men who died battling America's deadliest wildfire in 80 years. RAW. VID534050_EN

WASHINGTON: New signs emerge of US frustration with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai, with a report that Washington may quicken its troop withdrawal or even leave no forces behind after 2014. RAW. VID534059_EN (WH), VID534055_EN (Pentagon)


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To mark the imminent birth of the first child of Prince William and his wife Kate, we will file the following videos:

TOKYO: As an expectant Britain gets royal baby fever and readies to welcome a future monarch, the young boy who carries the destiny of Japan's ancient imperial family lives his life with relatively little scrutiny. PKG. 1000 GMT

LONDON: Royal baby: whether it's a boy or a girl, the royal baby will be the direct descendent to the throne after a recent change in the law. PKG. 1300GMT


HONG KONG: From the constant hum of traffic to pounding machinery on construction sites, the soundtrack to Hong Kong is a cacophony of noise, with residents and experts calling for the authorities to keep a lid on the din. PKG. NSV - VID534103_EN / VOICED - VID534104_EN

SAINT-GERVAIS, FRANCE: Tourists with a head for heights can now check into one of the most luxurious mountain refuges in Europe -- nestled 4,000 metres up in the French Alps. But the high prices and exclusive character of the Refuge du Gouter have also caused controversy. PKG. NSV - VID533804_EN / VOICED - VID533806_EN

BOGOTA: Colombia is undergoing a cycling boom, with its professional cyclists winning international competitions. At home, tens of thousands cycle through Bogota every Sunday and hundreds climb the mountains surrounding the capital. PKG. NSV - VID533973_EN / VOICED - VID533972_EN


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