Veteran French film director Denys de La Patelliere dies

Veteran French director Denys de La Patelliere, whose films include the war drama "Un taxi pour Tobrouk" died Sunday aged 92, his family announced.

De la Patelliere directed some of the most popular French films of the 1950s and 60s including his masterpiece, starring Hardy Kruger and Lino Ventura, which was called "Taxi for Tobruk" in English.

Other hits included "Du rififi à Paname ("The Upper Hand" 1966) with George Raft and "La fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo" ("Marco the Magnificent" 1965) which he co-directed with a stellar cast including Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif and Orson Welles.

The Nantes-born director later moved into television, making popular series such as the detective drama "Maigret" and the mini-series "Le comte de Monte-Cristo".

At the age of 81 he wrote his first novel.

One of his five children is head of fiction on the Canal Plus television channel.