Four arrested after Venezuela party massacre

Authorities have detained four men in connection with the massacre of eight teenagers at a graduation party, Venezuela's top prosecutor said Monday.

The eight students were celebrating a high school graduation at a house party in Bolivar state on Saturday when gunmen stormed the gathering and opened fire.

"Prosecutors in Bolivar state will charge four men allegedly connected to the killings of the eight," a prosecutor's statement said, noting the suspects were men between 19 and 29.

All the victims were aged between 16 and 17.

Venezuela has one of the highest homicide rates in the world, although mass shootings are rare.

There were 3,400 homicides in the first quarter of this year alone, after 16,000 people were murdered in 2012, according to government figures.

The public safety crisis is a major concern for Venezuelans, and President Nicolas Maduro has struggled to tackle the problem since succeeding the late leftist leader Hugo Chavez earlier this year.

Last month, Maduro signed gun control legislation requiring citizens to register firearms or surrender them as part of an amnesty