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SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN: The toll from a train wreck in northwestern Spain has risen to 77 dead. RAW. TBA/RAW. 1030 GMT (Images of bodies at morgue)/RAW.TBA (Press conference) / RAW. TBA (Government council meeting)

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SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN: Images of rescue workers at the scene. RAW. VID538494_EN

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN: Images of the twisted, gutted shells of the train carriages. RAW. VID538492_EN

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN: Images and soundbites from blood donors. RAW. VID538485_EN

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN: Images of victims' relatives and Red Cross volunteers. RAW. VID538466_EN

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN: Images and soundbites from witnesses. RAW. VID538456_EN

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN: The toll from a train wreck in northwestern Spain has risen to 69 dead and 143 injured. RAW. VID538421_EN, VID538427_EN, VID538407_EN


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BEIJING: China's once-powerful politician Bo Xilai has been indicted for bribery, corruption and abuse of power, the state news agency Xinhua says. FILE. VID406700_EN


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RIO DE JANEIRO: Pope Francis blesses the Olympic flags in the presence of Brazilian football stars Pele and Neymar. RAW. 1500 GMT/ RAW. 1900 GMT (Pope Francis visits the Varginha favela)/RAW. 2300 GMT (Pope Francis meets young Catholic faithful on Copacabana beach)

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RIO DE JANEIRO: Pope Francis visits a Catholic hospital specializing in taking care of drug addicts after flying back from a mass at the Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida in Sao Paulo state. RAW. VID538442_EN

RIO DE JANEIRO: Pope Francis warns Latin America against legalizing drugs, delving into a hot topic in his home region after celebrating the first public mass of his landmark visit to Brazil. RAW. VID538420_EN

APARECIDA, BRAZIL: Pope Francis warns Catholics against "ephemeral idols" like money at his first public mass in his native Latin America as huge crowds lined the streets to cheer him. RAW. VID538400_EN

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY: Evangelical Pentecostal churches continue to gain ground in Latin America. They are popular in Brazil where Pope Francis is at the moment, but also in other countries such as Uruguay -the continent's most secular country. PKG. NSV - VID538025_EN / VOICED - VID538024_EN


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CAIRO: Monitoring after Egypt's army chief calls for mass rallies to back a crackdown on "terrorism and violence". RAW. TBC

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CAIRO: Egypt Islamists say army rally call "announces civil war". RAW. VID538323_EN


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LONDON: Royal baby named George Alexander Louis. VID538034_EN (Family outside hospital) / VID538348_EN (Photos of George VI)

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LONDON: An interview with a genealogist who has traced the family history of both William and Kate. RAW. VID538293_EN

LONDON: New prince rules Britain's front pages. RAW. VID538126_EN

LONDON: Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate give the world its first glimpse of their newborn baby son, cradling the future king in their arms as they leave hospital to go home. PKG. NSV - VID538067_EN / VOICED - VID538068_EN



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MOSCOW: US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden fails to emerge from his month-long stay in a Moscow airport transit zone, despite expectations he had finally received permission from the authorities to enter Russia. RAW. TBC

BERLIN: German publishing giant Axel Springer is to sell regional newspapers, TV programme guides and women's magazines for 920 million euros and focus on digital media. RAW. 1100 GMT

LONDON: Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger turns 70 on Friday. FILE. 1100 GMT / PKG. 1600 GMT

PARIS: French tyre maker Michelin reports first half results. RAW. 1200 GMT

PARIS: French lawmakers vote on new slavery law. Images and soundbites. 1500 GMT.

PARIS: Airline Air France-KLM reports first half results. FILE. 1700 GMT

PARIS: French carmaker Renault reports first half results. FILE. 1600 GMT

PARIS: Interview with Gaston Flosse, president of French Polynesia. RAW. 1800 GMT

BAYREUTH, GERMANY: Bicentenary of Wagner is to be celebrated at this year's festival. RAW. 1900 GMT

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MADRID: Spanish unemployment fell for the first time in two years to reach 26.26 percent in the second quarter. FILE. VID484855_EN

SREBRENICA, BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA: Eighteen years after the war in Bosnia, divisions between the communities still seem huge. Yet in Srebrenica, the town infamous for the worst massacre in post-war Europe, Serbian Dusica and her Muslim husband Almir have built a life together. RAW. VID536105_EN


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BEIRUT: EU Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst is scheduled to meet with a Hezbollah representative three days after the EU branded the movement's military branch a terrorist organisation. RAW. 1600 GMT

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BEIRUT: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah delivers a televised statement. RAW. VID538368_EN

GAZA STRIP, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: After Egypt destroyed hundreds of tunnels into the Gaza Strip at the end of June, smugglers who use the routes to thwart the Israeli blockade are struggling to meet the needs of the territory's residents. PKG. NSV - VID536972_EN / VOICED - VID536973_EN


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GAO, MALI: City prepares for elections. RAW. 1800 GMT

LONDON: Chatham House analyst examines Zimbabwe's upcoming presidential election. RAW. 1600 GMT

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CONAKRY: At least 95 people died and around 100 more were wounded in ethnic violence last week in Guinea. STOCK SHOTS. VID514325_EN


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NEW DELHI: The first verdict involving the teenager accused in the Delhi gang-rape case is expected to be announced. FILE / RAW (GVs of court, soundbites from lawyers, vox pop reax to the verdict and coverage of possible protests). TBC

SEOUL: With the two Koreas divided for six decades and rapidly growing apart socially and economically, the idea of a unified peninsula is losing its appeal among South Koreans who fear that its impact could crush their society. PKG. 0600 GMT

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PYONGYANG: North Korea prepares to put its military hardware on show in a huge parade through Pyongyang on Saturday, the 60th anniversary of the Korean War ceasefire deal. RAW. VID538478_EN

CIDAUN, INDONESIA: Rescuers search for more survivors off Indonesia's Java island after an Australia-bound boat carrying asylum-seekers sank, leaving at least nine dead. RAW. VID538459_EN

HONG KONG: The slow death of handwriting might be a boon for email-reading intelligence agencies but not for biographers, says the man entrusted by Queen Elizabeth II to write the biography of her mother, William Shawcross. RAW. VID538470_EN

MUMBAI: US Vice President Joe Biden urges India to improve investment conditions and remove obstacles faced by American companies which restrict trade between the world's biggest democracies. RAW. VID538377_EN


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WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama nominates Caroline Kennedy to become US ambassador to Japan. RAW. VID538447_EN


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CUATRO CAMINOS, MEXICO: Security forces in a Mexican state plagued by drug violence are working to restore order after clashes which left 22 dead. RAW. VID538452_EN

BOGOTA: Gay couple Gonzalo Ruiz Giraldo and Carlos Hernando Rivera got married in Bogota on Wednesday. They are the first same-sex couple to get married in Colombia. VID538433_EN

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA: Models present creations by Colombian designers Babalu and Infashion Group during Colombia fashion week. RAW. VID538382_EN / RAW. VID538417_EN

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PARIS: Images of swimming Olympic champion Yannick Agnel ahead of the world championships in Barcelona. FILE. 1800 GMT

LONDON: Sprint star Usain Bolt gives a press conference ahead of the Diamond League meeting in the former Olympic Park. RAW. 1500GMT

LONDON: Olympic games organisers assess the Olympic legacy one year on. 1500 GMT


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PARIS: A French organisation helps Syrian children maimed by the war to receive medical care in France. PKG. 1600 GMT


MADRID: With the old living longer and a declining birth rate, Spain faces a demographic time bomb. For young parents, high unemployment and the cost of childcare can be enough to put them off having more children. PKG. NSV VID537853_EN/ VOICED VID537854_EN

BRICK, NEW JERSEY: US gay rights advocates won key legal battles in June but there are still those who see homosexuality as an illness. Some states are trying to ban "conversion therapy", in which gays are given counselling to try to turn them straight. PKG. NSV - VID538057_EN / VOICED - VID538058_EN


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